Restaurant Glassware

We are proud to be a distributor for Libbey Glassware, we distribute Australia wide to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and even Northern Territory and Tasmania.  For almost two centuries, Libbey has been known as the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high quality glass tableware for the foodservice industry. Libbey International continues this tradition as Libbey has expanded production into Australia, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Libbey International offers a diverse range of glassware that is ideally suited for the demanding foodservice operator. 

Maven Supplies offer a large selection of restaurant glassware for hotel, catering and restaurants Australia wide.

Irish Coffee Latte Glass 252mL x 12 Glasses
6% OFF RRP $81.49
Mexico Glass Pitcher 1.78L Jug

Mexico Glass Pitcher 1.78L Jug


34% OFF RRP $16.72
Red Wine Glass | Teardrop 252mL x 12 Glasses
27% OFF RRP $52.89
Restaurant Standard Wine Glass with Line | Perception 326mL x 12 Glasses
50% OFF RRP $118.51
Brandy Glass Balloon | Embassy 340mL x 12 Glasses
35% OFF RRP $59.06
Champagne Flute | Vina 236mL x 12 Glasses
24% OFF RRP $58.17
Citation Banquet Goblet 326mL x 12 Goblets
30% OFF RRP $78.41
Cocktail / Dessert Glass | Poco Grande 392mL x 12 Glasses
34% OFF RRP $74.71
Conical Beer Glass 285mL

Conical Beer Glass 285mL


Conical Beer Glass 425mL

Conical Beer Glass 425mL


Embassy Champagne Glass 163ml 12 Glasses
35% OFF RRP $33.96
Embassy Liqueur Glass 30mL x 12 Glasses
30% OFF RRP $62.44
Embassy Royale Tall Champagne Flute 178mL x 12 Flutes
42% OFF RRP $47.15