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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 




This is the transcription for the Video Above.

Bulk Tissues Boxes Maven Supplies

Here’s a short video describing Regal Gold box of facial tissues bulk. And you can see the box here. Now these are a box of 100 facial tissues. Now these are designed, mostly sold in bulk for commercial use, very popular with motels, apartments, hotels, any sort of holiday accommodation as a single box of tissues, the smaller box here and they fit in most dispensers that dispense a box of tissues. But other than that, they’re commonly supplied for holiday accommodation.

And these, so you can see how the box comes and they’re nice, soft, white facial tissue and I’ll just show you inside what the actual tissue is. I’ll just open it up from there like so and we’ll just take one tissue out. And to get these started, you’ve just got to pinch that one, top one and you just pull them out and these are a really nice, soft facial tissue—there just a single, white. They are two ply and that is how they do come, that’s how they’re sold.

And they’re sold in a box and there’s 48 of those small boxes. So there’s 48 boxes like that inside a carton and we sell them per carton only and you can see the carton there, how they’re just stacked in there nice and neatly. Now these are, these are really popular with holiday accommodations, I said, we sell these to motels all around Australia.

Now to buy these, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send them out to you. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [1:32]

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