Cast Iron Prawn Pot

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the Video above.

[Begin “Cast Iron Prawn Pot Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing the garlic prawn pot made from cast iron. Now this is how they come packaged, in a box like so and then you take them out of the package here and this is what you’ll get. You can see they come wrapped in plastic when they’re new—little cast iron lid, cast iron base, and then a small, small timber base for it there. So you can see that’s recessed. The lid then fits in, the base then fits in the wooden base so these can get hot—they’re enamel coated and it is cast iron so it won’t rust because it’s already coated. And you can heat those up and sit them on the base when you sit them on the table. The lid sits on neatly there; they fit quite well.

These are great for the garlic, doing garlic prawns. I’ll show you size of it here. The overall width of the lid—it’s the same as the base—it’s 14 cm across the top there. The overall height of the item on the table is 13 cm, this is the height. The base, the depth of the base is 5 ½ cm deep and that’s what you’ve got.

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