Cast Iron Skillets

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the video above.

[Begin “Cast Iron Skillet Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short describing our round, cast iron skillet, skillet with a flat base. So this is what you got here. You can see how they come, they come packaged in a box like so and they come wrapped in a plastic wrapper, so that’s the box, what you’ll be receiving.

And when they come out, you can see how they are. They got a short spout here in either end, either side—a spout on either side. Underneath, it’s got a nice, flat base with just a slight rim. This is safe on pretty much any type of cook top whether it’s cast iron, ceramic, great on an open fire. These can be put in an oven and they’ve got a fully cast handle. There’s a little hook there for hanging. They’ve got a little bit of weight to them. They’re a nice, solid piece—flat on the base. You can see how they are.

And I’ll just show you the dimensions of them. So overall width of the widest part, 27 cm. The flat part in the base is around 19 cm across—on this flat part here so from there across to here is around 19 cm. Overall height, about 5 cm tall.

These are great for any sort of cooking. They’re a good nonstick there. You’ve just got to keep a bit of oil onto them. They’re already pre-coated with an enamel coating so the cast iron doesn’t rust but it’s best to keep oil up to them so they don’t rust and don’t put them in the dishwasher.

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