Changing the Hospitality Supply Industry

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Hospitality Supply Industry 

Australia’s Hospitality Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is estimated the Tourism Industry is worth $94 Billion a year in 2011 Financial Year with flow on business. If you are in this industry you will know how competitive it is, whether you own or manage a Hotel, Management Rights, Restaurant, Café, Motel, Club or Bar you will know how intricate the process can be just to keep your business running smoothly. You will have to balance staff, cleaning, licencing, customer service and dissatisfaction, OH & S, Body Corporate issues and a whole range of challenges day to day, but if you do it right it can be very rewarding and you deserve your fair share of the money that is spent in the Hospitality Industry.

Maven Supplies is a supplier for businesses in the Hospitality Supplies sector who supplies the range of product most commonly used by Cafes, Restaurant, Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Resorts and Clubs. The Maven Supplies Mission is “To use the most efficient processes possible to supply customers at the right price, with the best service possible.” With this mission in mind they are re-writing the way Hospitality Suppliers do business in a changing world. Previously this industry was led by Companies driven by a real sales approach, pricing was kept a secret and never displayed publicly. These old school suppliers would lure customers in with their promise of being able to supply everything under the one roof, use a pushy salesperson to sign you up on a contract, and lock you in with a handful of cheap products, so they could supply the rest of the range at massively inflated prices. This business model has worked for many years with other large companies, but with the internet, the world is becoming smarter and prices are more readily available.

Their old business model is fast becoming out dated with a downturn in the economy. They have massive overheads and shrinking margins. With Salespeople on board to try and get clients, the large Hospitality Supplies businesses have to re-coup these costs and profit from them. So if you call on them and want a Salesperson to come and see you, this is estimated to cost at least $50 an hour, so their time includes your meeting and the travel time to and from your business. This cost has to be recovered somehow and as most Hospitality Supplies business buy products at around the same prices, they have to recover this expense by putting prices up. This whole process is being totally avoided by Maven Supplies by using their website as a salesperson. Based on Industry standards, a Hospitality Supplies Salesperson on $50,000 a year needs to get at least Half a Million dollars of business just to break even, this needs to be paid for by the customer.

Maven Supplies website is setup to easily navigate through product categories, where you can drill down into each product and see the prices at any time and get the most relevant product information. Many products also have a video, showing you exactly what the product is, how it is packaged and its uses. This helps keep prices down and allows customers to get the information they need at any time and instantly without having to wait, hoping a salesperson will call them back.

Maven Supplies also aims to keep in stock the most common products that Restaurants, Hotels, Serviced Apartments and related businesses need. Pricing is always watched and the best prices possible are always strived for, we watch competitors closely and even major retailers, department stores and supermarkets are used as a guide, so we can get the best price possible for each product. I am sure our competitors go through our website and wonder what the hell we are doing.

Customers can then place their order and pay instantly through the Maven Supplies website, which then saves account keeping expenses and keeps you on track of your purchases. The other benefit is that you will accrue Credit Card points quite quickly by paying for your supplies here. Account keeping and bad debts is another major expense that old school hospitality suppliers have to deal with and recover from clients in their pricing.

On top of the easy to use website Maven Supplies goes a step further and uses and automated ordering system for regular customers, that helps you to predict the products you need to order and in how many of each to order for any given month. The Maven Supplies Ordering System is so simple an unique, the amount of time and money it saves clients by not tying up staff wages, by having to order products or worse still being caught out on the weekend without enough supplies to operate your business in a real thorn in the side for Hospitality based businesses.


The change away from these big Hospitality Suppliers can save Hospitality business thousands of dollars a year if they take the time to shop around as well as ongoing savings with in-house wages by automating the ordering of stock and avoiding the headaches of running out of supplies. All of this adds up in saving money and frees up your time, so you can do more important tasks like keeping your customers happy and doing marketing and advertising that puts more money back into your business.

You can visit the Maven Supplies website at any time and get all the information you need. Then place an order and pay whenever you like. If you wish to use the Maven Supplies Ordering system, please place an order with us, and include your correct email, we will then add you to our system for the automated monthly order system. If you want more details on this, please Contact Us through this online form.



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