​Chewing Gum Removal Made Easier With Natural Citrus Oil Based Product

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:7 January 2015 

Remove chewing gum

Chewing gum is one type of food that kids and adults alike never thought could cost so much trouble. Kids love it for its bright colors, sweet taste, and softness. Adults, on the other hand, seek it as a breath freshener and as a means to relax.

However, chewing gum becomes annoying when it sticks to your hair, clothes and shoes. It is also tedious to remove chewing gum stuck in your floors, sinks, carpets, furniture, appliances and other possessions. When your chewing gum sticks to your hair, you can just cut the part where it is stuck. When it sticks to your clothes, you can just wash and scrub the gum off or buy new clothes. But if it sticks to your other possessions, you may need a gum-removal product and exercise extra care in removing it. Otherwise, you may cause a more serious damage to your possessions.

It doesn’t matter how long the chewing gum has stuck. There are several ways for you to get rid of it. Hardened gum can be removed using a chisel, metal spatula, knife or other items that have chisel-like features. There are also cleaning products that can remove chewing gum more effectively. Unlike chisels and other similar tools, these products don’t leave scratches. One of these products is a natural Citrus Oil (d-limonene) based product.

Extraction of Natural Citrus Oil

Most natural citrus oils come from citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, limes, clementines, pomelos, tangerines and grapefruits are examples of citrus fruits. The peels of these fruits contain natural citrus oils. These oils further contain the chemical compound d-limonene.

These fruits are good sources of food and drinks. They are also harnessed to create multi-purpose cleaning products for the home. Lemons are a popular choice for the creation of home-made cleaning solutions. You can just directly scrub a surface using a cut lemon or its peel. You can also squeeze it to extract the lemon juice that contain citric acid as well as the natural oils that contain d-limonene. Then, you can mix the extracts to other ingredients such as vinegar and cream of tartar.

Some cleaning products today contain citric acid and/or d-limonene. Manufacturers of cleaning solutions utilize a steam extractor to get these essential components.

Advantages of Using Natural Citrus Oil

Using natural Citrus Oil (d-limonene) based product has several benefits in addition to its ability to remove chewing gum. Unlike other cleaning solutions, this product does not contain harsh chemicals. That is why it is also gentle in cleaning. You don’t even have to scrub hardly to get rid of chewing gum.

This product leaves a fresh and clean scent as well. The good thing about this scent is that it is natural. Most natural scents are known to be less irritating as compared to artificially created fragrances. In fact, natural citrus oil is also tapped in the manufacturing of some perfumes.

Another benefit of harnessing d-limonene is the fact that it comes from a renewable source. It is safe to say that the creation of this product is environmentally friendly. Because of the assurance of supply, this product tends to be less expensive as well.

On the other hand, most of the ingredients of synthetic cleaners are just formulated in laboratories. That makes synthetic cleaners more difficult to create. In addition, their sources are not renewable. These make synthetic cleaners more expensive.

Perhaps, the best advantage of natural citrus oil is that it can be a multi-purpose cleaning solution. Manufacturers mix surfactants to natural citrus oil. Surfactants are chemicals that can help the cleaning agents to get to hard-to-reach areas. As a result, it can efficiently clean and get rid of dirt and stains in all of your appliances (fridge, washing machine, toasters, ovens, etc.), stainless steel items and fixtures (sink, faucets, and kitchenware), floors, counters, walls, toilets, carpets and furniture. It can be used to tidy up computers and telephones as well. The cleanliness it provides is not just on the surface but deep down too.

How to Use Natural Citrus Oil Products

Before you clean, you should prepare the needed materials first. Aside from natural Citrus Oil (d-limonene) based product, you should also get a spray bottle, wiping cloth, mop and pail of water.

Chewing gum that got stuck for a long time is a bit easier to get rid of than freshly stuck gum. Freshly stuck gum tends to be slippery and sticky. That is why you have to wait for a few minutes to dry it up.

To remove chewing gum using natural Citrus Oil (d-limonene) based product, you need to dilute it first. Dilution is the act of minimizing chemical concentration in a product. This process involves the mixture of the product and water. You may also consider adding dishwashing liquid.

Once diluted, you can now apply the product to the thing where the gum got stuck. Just like other oil, natural citrus oil lubricates the gum. This results to easier removal of the gum. You can even opt to handpick it. For gum stuck on carpets, you can use a chisel lightly and scrub the area to remove some residues. When you scrub, make sure you scrub lightly to avoid scratches in the surfaces. After you remove chewing gum, spray natural citrus oil product and wipe the area clean.

There are only a few studies on the side effects of natural Citrus Oil (d-limonene) based product but one study claims that it can irritate the skin after a long time of exposure. However, the Foods and Drugs Administration already listed d-limonene as a safe compound. Furthermore, as a cleaning solution, natural citrus oil remains more dependable than other commercial cleaning solutions.

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