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CRYSTAL DISHWASHER POWDER: A high performance, economical and septic-safe dishwasher powder. Crystal Dishwasher Powder has an in-built rinse aid, which makes it excellent value for money. Developed to clean, sanitise and remove grease from the dirtiest dishes leaving them spotless and hygienic. Septic-Safe.


ALSO AVAILABLE: Crystal Dishwasher Liquid and Crystal Rinse Aid for auto-dispensing systems.




GREEN MAGIC DETERGENT: A concentrated, great value detergent with a mint fragrance and especially suitable for high-throughput kitchens. Biodegradable. Eco-Responsible.


Oven & Grill


MOUNTAIN OVEN & HOTPLATE CLEANER: A heavy duty, low fuming, oven and grill cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the dirtiest grills, hotplates and ovens with minimum effort. Removes baked on fat, food residue and carbon deposits with the maximum grunt, making light work of what is usually a tough cleaning task, cutting cleaning time and maximising productivity in the kitchen. It is free-rinsing, leaving no powdery residue.


Tables & Benches


MICROCLEAN LEMON MYRTLE DISINFECTANT: Specially developed for the heavy-duty requirements of commercial enterprises, Mountain’s Microclean Disinfectants clean away dirt and grime and disinfect, to effectively kill bacteria, disease-causing germs, and mould on all hard surfaces. Surfaces are left hygienically clean with the beautiful smell of native Australian lemon myrtle oil.

Food safe. Biodegradable. Eco-Responsible. Anti-Bacterial. Anti-Fungal.


SANISPRAY SANITISING SPRAY & WIPE: Food-safe. For use where dirty or greasy surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly and quickly. Sanispray Sanitising Spray & Wipe does not leave streak marks on stainless steel. Blue in colour with a natural eucalyptus fragrance.

Food safe. Biodegradable. Eco-Responsible. Anti-Bacterial.




HDC CLEANER DEGREASER: Our strongest heavy-duty cleaner degreaser. A penetrative, emulsifying caustic product that provides a superior clean and easily removes heavy grease deposits. Ideal for commercial kitchen and food service areas. Has a free-rinsing, non-fuming citrus formula making it ideal for use indoors.


MICROCLEAN LEMON MYRTLE DISINFECTANT: See Tables and Benches above. Also great on floors.


Windows & Mirrors


CRYSTAL CLEAR WINDOW CLEANER: Developed using filtered water and ethanol derived from wheat, which makes our cleaner totally free of any impurities. Brings a brilliant finish to all glass and shiny surfaces.


Toilets & Amenities


SWEETPEA: Specially formulated for high-use commercial urinals and toilet bowls. Floral fragrance and concentrated

– it will keep drains free of odours and prevent uric acid build up.


LEMON MYRTLE HAND SOAP: A pale green liquid, fragranced with beautiful native lemon myrtle oil fragrance and boosted with a food-safe anti-bacterial agent for extra germ killing power.

Food safe. Biodegradable. Eco-Responsible. Anti-Bacterial.


MOUNTAIN POWER BLEACH: Use neat on persistent mould and dilute to 10% for a great everyday sanitiser in showers, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens areas.


How to Use:

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Product Method & Usage


Crystal Dishwasher Powder Dosage in accordance with machine manufacturers’ instructions.


Green Magic Detergent Add 5mls to 10mls to washing bowl, depending on volume of water.


Mountain Oven & Grill Cleaner

OVENS: Warm oven to 60C. Apply liberally to all surfaces using a sponge or sponge scourer. After

cleaning, rinse thoroughly with hot water.

HOTPLATES, GRILLS & BARBEQUES: Heat to 80C. Remove obvious residue. Pour liquid directly onto

plate. Spread and agitate using a steel scourer or griddle tool. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

RACKS: Apply liquid to racks using a sponge scourer and scrub. Rinse thoroughly. Alternatively soak

racks in a heavy hot solution. Scrub and rinse thoroughly.


Microclean Lemon Myrtle Disinfectant

FLOOR MOPPING: Dilute 20 mls per litre of water and use mop & bucket or flat microfibre mop

HARD SURFACES: Dilute 50 mls per litre of water and spray and wipe surface.

TOILET BOWLS: Use neat or dilute 500 mls per litre of water and squirt and brush surfaces.


Sanispray Sanitising Spray & Wipe

Apply using a spray bottle.

LIGHT SOILING: Dilute 100ml per litre of water.

HEAVY SOILING: Use undiluted.


HDC Cleaner Degreaser

GENERAL USE: Use 50ml per litre of water. Squirt & rinse, or pour, agitate & rinse away.

FLOOR MOPPING IN KITCHEN AND COOKING AREAS: Use 50 mls per litre of water and use mop

& bucket.

OIL & GREASE ON CONCRETE: Pour on neat, agitate with stiff brush & hose-off.

Crystal Clear Window Cleaner Spray undiluted on to glass surface and wipe clean with a clean, lint-free cloth.



TOILET BOWLS: Squirt undiluted under rim, scrub with toilet brush and flush to rinse.

URINALS: Squirt undiluted onto surface. Scrub with white scourer. Flush with clean water. Squirt a small

amount into drain outlet and leave.

Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap Ideal for use in liquid soap dispenser. Wet hands and forearms. Dispense a small amount of liquid hand soap and wash hands thoroughly.


Mountain Power Bleach

MOULD: Squirt neat onto mould and agitate. Leave until mould is eliminated and rinse well.

GENERAL SANITISER: Use 100ml per litre of water for everyday sanitation in showers, toilets,

bathrooms and kitchen areas.

FLOOR MOPPING: Dilute 100 mls per litre of water and use mop & bucket


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