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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 




This is the transcription for the video above.

[Begin “Cleaning Handle Eager Beaver and Scourers Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing a range of products for, which are designed for cleaners to make the job easier. Now this is from the, all from the Oates brand. Now these are a quality product and you can see what these products here. Now this is called an Eager Beaver Floor Tool or Doodle Bug. It’s a swivel head cleaner which goes with these scourers in the background. You can see here it works like Velcro.

It’s got these grips and then this here’s made to go onto a wooden handle so you unscrew this collar and then you slide, slide your wooden handle there. You can drill it through and put this here sliding [0:32] pin, take that out, slide your wooden handle in, drill through that hole there, then put this pin back in, and then screw this flange back on and that will hold it nice and securely.

Really popular for cleaning bathrooms, big areas like walls where you really need to get up and down and scrub. And as you scrub that head just swivels ever which way like so. And you can really just get some really good cleaning power.

And then they’re got the scourers, which fit on like so—nice, thick pad around 2 cm thick, large surface there, really good for whatever surface you need. Now, these pads fit on both of these here. So this is just a hand cleaner so if you need to apply more pressure and you really need to get in and scrub, these are popular for cleaners in bathrooms and shower recess.

Popular for resorts and service departments where the cleaners need to get in and, and really scrub out the showers, the floors, the basin, that sort of thing. Again, the scourer just fits on like so and as you scrub tips there with the Velcro, like, you can hear that tear off with the Velcro-like hooks on there.

Now they’ve got three different grades of, of scourers. Now the white one’s the softest one. That’s for any sort of polished surface so if you’ve got anything that’s polished like laminate bench tops that are tupa [1:48] kitchens, anything along those lines, basins that are polished with or finished with a glossy tupa [1:54], that’s for them because they won’t scratch them but they’ll scrub the grim and dirt off.

And then if you’ve got something that’s a bit more built up—the green scourer. So these are your normal, green scourers, wherever you would use these, these are more popular with tile areas. These will tend to scratch polished surfaces slightly, not, I wouldn’t use them on glass but they’re good for any sort of hard cleaning where you really need a bit more elbow grease and get them, get things off so make it a bit easier for your cleaners but they can damage polished surfaces.

And this brown pad, it’s actually got grits in it. It’s like sand and these are good for scrubbing off built up wax. This works almost like sandpaper, really built up surfaces. These, these are used for scrubbing anything—as long as it’s not polished or the surface can’t be damaged. I wouldn’t use it on glass again because they can damage the surfaces a little if they’re highly polished, but if you know what your uses are and you’re not as worried about the surface but you really need to scrub something off, the brown one’s what you want.

The white and the green are the most popular for all your general cleaning. I’d steer, stay away from the brown one just so your cleaners don’t tend to use them on any glossy sort of surfaces and damage them, especially in apartments if you’re cleaning for someone else and you damage a surface or your cleaners do, that’s not a desired effect there. So stay away from the brown ones unless you know what you’re doing.

Go for the green or the white pads and then both of these handles are good for every, every cleaner should have one of these, really popular for any service departments or cleaners, any clean, any contract cleaners because they’ll cover most of your cleaning needs so one each—a hand one for really applying pressure and to get into small areas and then the Doodle Bug or swivel head, Eager Beaver head, which you can see swivels around, used on a pole, really for scrubbing out. They’re really quite popular for scrubbing out public toilets and that sort of thing as well.

Now to buy either of these, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page of the product you need, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send them out to you. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [3:54]


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