Egg Slicer and Meat Mallet Video

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is the transcription for the video above

[Begin “Egg Slicer, Meat MalletMaven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing two quality kitchen utensils—the egg slicer and the meat tenderizer, both of which we sell so if you bear with me, I’ll just, just describe each of these items individually. So these, either of these are safe for commercial or domestic use. They’re great to be used either way. They are made more so for commercial use, built to last. A good quality item for commercial kitchens, restaurants and so on.

I’m just going to show you what they are. They’re great for domestic use as well, because, so this egg slicer is fully cast, it’s a two piece construction. So you’ve got a fully cast aluminum base, fits your egg in there quite neatly either way so you can slice it both ways and then you can see underneath here, the eggs just drop through, nice, open base here—easy to keep clean. You put these in the dishwasher.

And then the top’s a cast aluminum with good quality, tight, stainless steel wires. And you can even tension up these stainless steel wires. You can see here on either ends, there’s a screw. That’s a screw just at the end of my thumb there and then another screw here and you can tension these up and keep winding the screw up, which will keep the tension up for years of use there. They come nice and tight but then after awhile, they do need do need a bit of tensioning. That’s how they work and they come in a nice, little box if you want a free gift pack for someone, that’s what they come like in a box, like so.

And then the meat mallet—so the meat tenderizer’s a nice, sold one. Nice, big, broad, flat surface there, so the broad surface is great for, for chops, chicken cutlets, that sort of thing and then the spikes side, this is great to tenderize steak, beef steaks and so on. Got a nice bit of weight in it, fully cast aluminum, just a nice, neat shape with no nooks and crannies for meat to hide in when you want to clean it. They are dishwasher safe. These are a great item. They come in a box like so—same thing, if you want it for a gift for someone, these are quite respectable as a gift but if you want them, they are quite popular for commercial use. This is what you can quite easily use. For the price you pay for them, these are great. They’ll give you years of good use.

To buy either of these, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send it out to you. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [2:13]


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