Expensive Soap Dispenser Refill Pods

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:15 April 2015 

This is a reply to one of our customer inquiries on soap refill pods. We currently do not sell them as the pricing is far to expensive in my opinion to warrant installing them.


Hello John hope you are all well.

Can you supply Hygenex system 1000 hand wash refill cartridges for our dispensers for our amenities block at the pool. Cheers

Hi Xxxx,

No I don’t sorry. But what I often offer for customers who use these is some new dispensers and 5L of Foaming hand soap, which usually works out at a similar cost to 12 of those type of refills. This way, when you need more soap, you just buy another 5L which is only around $28

The 2 dispensers and a 5L of soap is $127.13

Here are the links to the soap and dispensers



For a comparison, this is a price of the refills you get from

Staples - http://www.staples.com.au/main-catalogue-productdetail/sca-system-1000-hand-cleanser-hygenex-500ml-ctn12/86838236

Kaplan Distributors - http://www.kaplandistributors.com.au/tork-cleanser-hand-system-1000-12-cartridges-x-500ml-2170270/


Expensive Soap Dispenser Refill Pods

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