French Rolling Pin by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Video Transcription

French Rolling Pin by Maven Supplies

Here’s a short video describing the French rolling pin. Now these are a proper baker’s rolling pin here, totally straight along here—just a nice, square end, as you can see. And they’re a nice, good quality, hard timber so they’re for rolling flour out like so, that sort of thing. They’re very popular with commercial bakers, that sort of thing.

There, you can see what you’ve got there. I’m just going to show you, quickly, the dimensions of it. So the diameter there—it’s about 4, 4.8 cm in diameter. The overall length there, I’m just going to have to measure this with my little ruler so there’s 30 cm and then add another 20 ½ so 50.5 cm. that’s the size of them. That’s what you’ll be getting.

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