Glass Trays from Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Glass Trays from Maven Supplies



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Here’s a short video describing the glass tray for bars. So what you’ve got here, it’s a metal tray, which is fully plastic coated. It’s got raised sides here and you can see in the bottom, it’s got the ridges to stop things from falling through. So if you’ve got glasses, these are, these are great for commercial dishwashers, so you can run around and pick up in a bar or restaurant, pick up all your glasses, stack them here—like so—and then put them straight into your commercial dishwasher, take them back out, and then let the glasses dry, and then to be served again.

That’s their main use. They’re fully square, as you can see there. If you do need a little tray for home or any other sort of use, these are perfect for it as well.

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