Glass Water Bottle Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Glass Water Bottle Video by Maven Supplies



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Here’s a short video describing the water bottle. So this is just a clear, glass water bottle. These are great for cafés and restaurants for serving chilled or room temperature water, if you’re serving that. So a nice, square, good quality glass, quite an inexpensive item, these are also very popular for service departments, for keeping in the rooms, for leaving there as they are a nice, inexpensive option. Very popular, every house should have one of these.

So you can see the glass water bottle has got the metal bracket and this just flips open like so and then that lid just pops off and the lid, if we have a look, it’s got a nice, little, oval ring seal so these seal, seal down neatly on top of the lid on all the glass, keeping all the food smells out. So this is the way to do it because otherwise if you leave water in the fridge without one of these seals, they tend to absorb the flavors of the fridge and your water does taste, taste quite foul if that does happen and then just a nice, little metal lever.

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