Guest Amenities and Hotel Shampoo Video

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Guest Amenities and Hotel Shampoo Video




[Begin “Guest Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing our range of guest amenities liquids. So what we’ve got here. We have the conditioner in two size tubes and a sachet. We’ve got the shampoo in two size tubes and a sachet. And then we have a hand and body wash or shower gel, also known as, which is in a 30 mL tube only and then a hand or body lotion or moisturizer which is in a 30 mL tube only.

So the 30 mL tubes, we’ve got the full set of four here. So this is for people who want to provide the whole range. Price isn’t a major issue although they are quite inexpensive for such a nice, stylish, good quality lotion. So all of these lotions are made by a quality manufacturer who have a good quality assurance and the product are quite respectable for anyone to use—not cheap and nasty liquids inside them.

So you can see what that body was is, that, that was a body lotion. This one here is a body wash or shower gel, so it’s called, “Hand and Body Wash,” that’s how it comes in a tube there. Now these have got a really nice fragrance—all of them, the ranges are all really good quality. I’ve used them all personally and I do recommend, recommend them for guests. They are quite nice.

So in the shampoo, so this is a hotel shampoo sachet. This is a 10 mL sachet. This is the most economical way to buy them. They still are a really nice, white, stylish sachet and they fit any sort of décor, being white; they go along with any sort of color. And then the 15 mL and the 30 mL tube so you can see the difference in size there. So just depending on your budget there, they’re both quite popular. So if you want to save a bit of money, 15 mL tube, otherwise the 30 mL tube if price isn’t an issue.

And then in the conditioner, again, the 10 mL sachet, which is the most economical one—same, they’re all the same liquids inside but just different packaging, which is the difference in price. So they are quite respectable still. These are popular with motels, people who are, on a bit of a budget. And then as you go up in price here, so these are all really popular with any service departments, bed and breakfast, motels, hotels, any sort of holiday accommodation, resorts.

It’s a great range because they fit and then we do got all the other matching pieces, such as shower caps, sanitary bags, and the guest soaps, so on there, also sachets of dish washing liquid, laundry liquid, and automatic washing powder for service departments.

Now to buy any of these, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send them out to you. And you can see in the background here the boxes they come in. this is how they come packaged in bulk and it says on the listing what they, what the quantity per box and then the price, you can work out how much they do cost. So they come in a small box like so and there’s packs of these small boxes in the large box so we only sell them by the large box.

So the 30 mL tubes come like this, that sort of box, and that’s a box of 300, 30 mL. The sachets come in a box of 1,000 and the 15 mL tubes come in a box of 400. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [3:17]


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