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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Cleaning Products for Holiday Accommodation




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This selection of cleaning products provides a complete cleaning system for quickly and effectively cleaning guestrooms and public spaces in holiday accommodation.


These are our best products for getting rooms effectively clean in the shortest possible time- keeping your guests happy and minimising the cleaners’ time and effort, saving you money on wages.


This information sheet can be used as a guide for cleaning staff and a copy kept on each cleaning trolley or in the cleaner’s room for the cleaners to follow.



Hard surface cleaner & sanitiser with fresh lemongrass fragrance.

For kitchen benches and splashbacks; cooktops, sinks and appliances; tables and other furniture; bathroom sinks, shower cubicles; floors and tiles.

Wipe Off is a versatile, concentrated, all round hard surface cleaner with fresh lemongrass fragrance that can be used diluted as a spray and wipe and for floor mopping.

Its combination of sanitising and degreasing properties makes it ideal to use in kitchens, bathrooms, and generally throughout holiday accommodation, for a fast and hygienic cleaning result, between guests.

Wipe Off contains an active antibacterial and antifungal agent, and degreasing salts. Wipe off is free-rinsing and leaves no streaks – only clean sanitised surfaces.


A high performance, economical, environmentally sustainable dishwasher powder.

Crystal Dishwasher Powder has an in-built rinse aid, making it an all-in-one solution that is excellent value for money.

Developed to clean, sanitise and remove grease from the dirtiest dishes, leaving them spotless and hygienic.


Great value manual dishwashing liquid.

An excellent performer and great value detergent, with strong grease cutting power and a mint fragrance.

Green Magic is ideal for placing under the sink in self-catering apartments and holiday homes, as well as for use in commercial kitchens.


Toilet bowl and bathroom cleaner.

For bathrooms, showers, basins and ceramic or stainless steel toilet bowls(Can do in coloured dot format?)

Heavy duty, specially formulated for high-use facilities.

Sweetpea is a fresh new product - floral fragranced and concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Sweetpea cleans, sanitises and deodorises to leave amenities fresh and hygienically clean.

Its acid-based formula removes soap scum, water marks, clears away scale and prevents unwanted build up in sink wastes, drains, pipes and toilet bowls, which removes the source of persistent odours in the washroom.

Sweetpea is a superior product for quick but thorough bathroom cleans in holiday accommodation.


Liquid hand soap with pure native lemon myrtle oil.

For washroom facilities and bathrooms(Can do in coloured dot format?)

Lemon Myrtle Hand, a pale green liquid, fragranced with native pure lemon myrtle oil, and boosted with a food-safe anti-bacterial agent for extra germ killing power. pH is 6.0 – 7.0.

Ideal for use with liquid soap dispensers, or using pump-action bottles.


Cleaner disinfectant.

For tiled floors and all hard surfaces (Can do in coloured dot format?)

Microclean Lemongrass is perfect for regular mopping of tiled floors in rooms, bathrooms and foyers. Can also be used as a light duty spray & wipe cleaner and sanitiser.

It cleans away dirt and grime and disinfects to effectively kill bacteria, disease-causing germs, and mould on all hard surfaces. Floors and surfaces are left hygienically clean and streak-free.


For barbeques, ovens, grills and hotplates.

A heavy duty, low fuming, fast-acting cleaner, designed to thoroughly clean away greasy deposits and baked on grime from the dirtiest barbeques, ovens, grills, and hotplates, with the minimum of manual effort.

Its free-rinsing formula leaves no streaks and restores surfaces to “like new” condition, ready for the next use.


Cleaner sanitiser for spas.

For spa baths (Can do in coloured dot format?)

Mountain Spa Sanitiser is a strong sanitising solution, formulated with a user-safe biocide that cleans and sanitises all jets, pipes and lines in spa baths.    


Fast drying glass and shiny surface cleaner with guaranteed streak-free finish.

For windows, mirrors, glass surfaces(Can do in coloured dot format?)

Use Crystal Clear Window for a sparkling finish to all types of glass, including coated glass and mirrors, and other shiny surfaces.

Crystal Clear Window’s combination of powerful cleaning agents ensures quick and easy cleaning, including removal of greasy fingerprints, and a fast-drying action. Result…the ultimate crystal-clear finish to mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces.


Anti-bacterial air freshener and odour blocker.

For reception areas and foyers, bedrooms, washrooms, garbage disposal areas, motel rooms, caravans(Can do in coloured dot format?)

Mountain Air Odourblock is the ideal air freshener for leaving a lasting fragrance in rooms between check-ins. It is designed to eliminate strong residual odours, including food and cigarette smells - ideal when you have a fast turnover of rooms and need them smelling really fresh for new guests.

Odourblock has been formulated with a floral perfume, an eco-friendly anti-bacterial agent and pure filtered water, delivering long-lasting odour control and disinfecting properties that gets rid of odours at source.


Anti-fungal agent.

For bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas (Can do in coloured dot format?)

Mountain Power Bleach can be used liberally and is an economical solution for controlling persistent mould, restoring treated areas to look like new.

It is best used after dirt and grime is cleaned away.


How to Use:




Method and Usage

Wipe Off

Spray & wipe, or use a pressure cleaner. Mop & bucket for floors.

Heavy soiling: Use 50ml per litre of water.

General soiling: Use 25ml per litre of water.

Can be used neat on heavy stains.

Crystal Dishwasher Powder

Dosage in accordance with machine manufacturers’ instructions.

Magic Detergents

Add 10mls – 15mls to warm or hot water in a sink.


Toilet Bowls - squirt undiluted under rim, scrub with toilet brush and flush to rinse.

Showers and Basins – dilute 100ml per litre of water to use as a spray & wipe. Use neat on soap scum and water marks, leaving for 5-10 minutes to dissolve away heavy build-up.

Urinals - squirt undiluted onto surface. Scrub with white scourer. Flush with clean water. Squirt a small amount into drain outlet and leave.

Lemon Myrtle HAND

Use neat from a liquid soap dispenser or pump-action bottle. Wet hands and forearms. Dispense a small amount of liquid hand soap and wash hands thoroughly.


Microclean Lemongrass Disinfectant

Mop & bucket for floors – 20ml per litre.

General spray & wipe – 50ml per litre.

Oven and Hotplate Cleaner

DO NOT SPRAY. Wear PVC gloves and face mask during cleaning.

Hotplates and Barbecues: Warm grill plate (not hot) and scrape off any residue and squirt on Mountain Oven and Hotplate. Agitate with griddle tool. Leave for up to 10 minutes, and rinse well.

Conventional Ovens: Warm oven to 60°C. Apply Mountain Oven and Hotplate liberally over oven surface using a sponge scourer. Agitate thoroughly and rinse well.

SaniSpa Spa Sanitiser

Fill spa with enough water to cover the jets. Add 50ml of Spa Sanitiser per 100 litres of water.

Allow spa to run for at least 10 minutes to allow sanitiser to fully penetrate and clean out the jet system.


Crystal Clear Window Cleaner

Mist undiluted product sparingly onto glass surface and polish off in a circular motion with a paper towel or a clean, lint free cloth.

Mountain AIR Odourblock

Use neat in an atomizer. Spray a fine mist into space.

 Tip - spray into bins and onto doorjambs so guests are greeted with the light, fresh fragrance of cleanliness on entering their room.

Mountain POWER Bleach

DO NOT SPRAY. Wear PVC gloves and face mask during USE

Persistent and heavy mould soil– squirt neat product onto mould and agitate. Leave until mould is eliminated and rinse well.

General sanitising- dilute up to 10-1 for everyday sanitation in showers, toilets, bathrooms and kitchen areas.



Ordering Information:


Product Description

Pack Size

Order Code

Wipe Off

5L / 20L

M6089W / M6091W

Crystal Dishwasher Powder

5kg / 10kg / 20kg

M6395-4 / M6395A / M6395-S

Green Magic Detergent

5L / 20L

M6273A / M6273Z


5L / 20L

M6357S / M6356S

Lemon Myrtle HAND

5L / 20L

M6765A-5 / M6765A-20

Microclean Lemongrass Disinfectant

5L / 20L

M6139 / M6141Z

Oven and Hotplate Cleaner

5L / 20L

M6222 / M6224Z

SaniSpa Spa Sanitiser

5L / 20L

M6403X5 / M6403X

Crystal Clear Window Cleaner

5L / 20L

M6413 / M6411Z

Mountain AIR Odourblock

5L / 20L

M6217 / M6215Z

Mountain POWER Bleach



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