​How Select the Right Floor Cleaning Product

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:20 February 2015 

This is a brief outline for our best product for cleaning hard floors. It describes their strengths, weaknesses and best uses.

Hard Floor Cleaner

Tornado– This is our mildest floor cleaner. It has a Neutral ph. It is made this way to be used on Vinyl, waxed timber, treated stone and tile floors. It is the product you need for them as it will not remove the wax or sealer from the floor, but will clean it as well as possible. This is not a strong product, but in floors that are sealed, most dirt does not stick to them. It is also good for very glossy floors as it will not leave smears, as long as you don’t use too much product.

Lemongrass Disinfectant – This is our most popular all round cleaning product. It cleans well in most situations. Although a little stronger that Tornado, it is still possible to use it on Vinyl, timber or sealed floors, but just in lesser concentrations. It has a disinfecting agent in it to sanitise, a great lemongrass fragrance and is great for regular cleaning. If you have built up grime, the options below will be needed to remove the grime, before using this for regular mopping. Most used for mopping tiled areas, both gloss and non-gloss.

213 Foaming Cleanser – This and the Wipeoff below are nearly identical, they are the same strength. The main difference is that 213 Foaming Cleanser, will foam up when you mop with it. This is a pain when used on gloss floors as it smears. It is better suited to concrete or rough tile floors, where you need to scrub them, rather than mop. You will need to rinse with water after to remove the foamy residue. This is actually a decent quality degreaser, but it does not have and harsh caustics in it. It is NOT suited for vinyl or polish floors as it will remove the wax in the polish. Best for scrubbing concrete and rough tiled areas.

Wipeoff All Purpose Cleaner – This is my favourite. It is a non-caustic degreaser, so it will remove waxes, dirt and grime. But will not be corrosive to plastics and paints. It has a disinfecting agent in it and a mild Lemon fragrance, which is refreshing. Although not suited, it can be used on gloss tiles in very mild concentrations and it will still clean well. If you use too much, it will smear. So just add less than half a cup to a mop bucket. It is also a great all round cleaner and spray and wipe style product and can be used straight for greasy and stubborn stains. Best for high traffic tiled and concrete areas, kitchens, and general cleaning.

HDC Degreaser – This is our strongest floor cleaning product. It is a degreaser with caustic soda in it. The caustic helps break up heavy fats and grease and is a powerful cleaning agent. Care needs to be taken for long term use around plastic, treated and painted surfaces as it can affect them. It is best used on workshop and garage concrete floors to remove oil stains. Also used in high volume commercial kitchens and takeaways to remove grease and fat build up on tiled floors. Best used on concrete and tiled floors for heavy grease and oil removal in areas that are not painted or sealed. Just plain durable tiles or bare concrete.

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