How to Clean a Bathroom in Holiday Accommodation

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

We are often asked for cleaning products to clean showers and Bathrooms as people have often been sold the wrong products or not instructed in which order or how to use them. I am going to give a quick run down on how to properly clean a bathroom in a Hotel quickly and effectively.

The products needed are Bleach, Sweetpea Bathroom Cleaner and Lemongrass Disinfectant.

For the Showers, Basin and Toilet, Dilute the Sweetpea at between 5 and 10 parts water to 1 part Sweetpea (depending on how dirty it is) and fill a spray bottle.

If there are any persistent water marks or soap scum, it is best to pre-scrub these using the Sweetpea undiluted to the immediate stained area. Then allow to sit for 5-10 mins if possible before cleaning as usual.

The diluted Sweetpea is used to clean light water marks, scale, soap scum and leavers porcelain, tiled, glass and stainless surfaces looking cleaning and shiny. If you have time the best method is to spray the areas first give them a light scrub immediately spray hits surface (using a scourer), to spread it evenly over the surface, then allow it to sit for a few minutes while you do this to the other bathroom surfaces. This allows the Sweetpea to soak into the water marks and soap scum to soften it up. Pay special attention to areas where there is a build up, especially in corners of shower where the water splashes up and leaves water marks, as well as around the taps on basins and down the inside of the toilet where the water runs. These are areas where water scale builds up and can be hard to remove if not cleaned regularly.

Once you have done this all over, go back around and scrub the stains away as they should be soft by now. Then finish by rinsing with Fresh water and drying with a rag or chamois. the Sweetpea cleans and disinfects, which covers most of the cleaning, however, it is not as effective on mould, which Bleach is used in the next step. (Warning, NEVER mix Sweetpea and Bleach, always rinse area with fresh water before applying one product over the next.)

Now it is clean, there may be some mould stains left, especially in the corners of the shower and in the silicone beads around the basin. This just needs a quick squirt of Bleach diluted at 1 part water - 1 part Bleach. This is allowed to sit as long as you don't go overboard as Bleach is quite strong and can cause metal to tarnish and rust if it is repeatedly used and allow to sit. However on tiles and small areas it is OK to leave it without rinsing.

Now this will have the bathroom surfaces clean and disinfected. You can also leave a bit of Sweetpea in the toilet water to give it a freshly cleaned smell.

The only thing left is the floor. This can be mopped as usual when you mop the rest of the floor in the room. The Lemongrass Disinfect is perfect for this. You should add around 100mL to a bucket of warm water for regular mopping, or use a bit more if it is a very dirty floor, which may need to be repeated with a fresh bucket full, if the water is looking very dirty.

Done like above will have the bathroom cleaned properly and if this is the standard process, you will not get a build up of soap scum and water marks. This will give a longer life to your bathroom and will keep it looking new for longer, which will prevent it looking old and having to spend money to re-furbish it.


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