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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the Video above

Hospitality Supplies Video

Hi, thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store at

I’m just going to show you how you can save some money by combining postage and also get all the items you need for your café, restaurant, hotel, or even for domestic use.

We’ve got a whole range of kitchenware, crockery, cutlery, and glassware, so if we’re looking for something here like pizza peel, stainless so we just do a search for that. I’m going to show you one of our items. So these here are no worry—our competitors, other people and you can see the price here so for this one, 29 dollars 99. He offers free postage here, okay? So they offer free postage and that really adds up when you combine because you’re paying for postage in the item and also, they can use some cheaper and unreliable courier services.

We use Australia Post, Star Track Express, or Couriers Please—all honest, reliable, and quite reputable freight companies so this is the same item. So you can see here, this is us. Our feedback’s 4,701—positive feedback. We’ve actually got about double that many sales as any half the people do leave feedback so it’s over, over 9,000 sales we’ve done on eBay. 99.9% positive feedback. The cost is 7 dollars 60 and 9 dollars 10 freight so all up that is 26 dollars 70 for that, for that item compared to 27, 29.99 so that’s already cheaper there.

Okay, so say we want to buy this item. We just click on it here to go into the item. So quantity, one, there’s more than ten available and this is the postage amount for one, so what you can do if you want to get more than one, we’ll show you what to do. First, you can see the history—40 sold. We’ve sold 40 of these. These are quite a popular item. You can always check this and we get very few troubles with these and most of our items, if there’s troubles, we don’t keep selling them and you can see how many they’re sold here.

So, so postage here—we’ll see all details. If you want to buy more, you can see the postage price for one is 9.10 so if you put “10” in, click “Get Rates,” 14 dollars 60 for ten so it doesn’t cost that much more. If that was the other buy and you were paying 29.99 and you paid 10, that’d be 300 dollars whereas ours would be the other item, 17 dollars times ten plus 14.60 so you can see that there’s nearly a hundred, well over a hundred dollars savings there.

Okay, we’ll go back to the item and just show you that there. This is the scrolling bar for other items. This is the description here of the item and then our satisfaction guarantee. These are all our other items here. Okay, so say we want to buy it now. We’ll go through, commit to buy. If you want to use multiple items, you have to go and do it this way.

So say if you wanted to buy something else off us, see more items here from us. So say you click on that, click “Buy It Now”—postage and handling. That’s for that one item but once you add that there, it’ll tell you how much you save. So sorry, “Visit Seller’s Store” just to buy other items. We’ll just add a few items and I’ll show you how this works and how you can save some money here.

So say it was these, “Buy It Now” and now, “Commit to Buy” and then we’ll go to “Pay Now” and this is where it will combine all these items together and show you how much postage you have saved. You saved 26.95 on postage from Maven Supplies so you can see it’s added up—16.85 is the total postage but each of those items is showing between 9 and 14 dollars for each but it adds them all up in this step so you can just go here. If you’re ever not sure, just close out of this and then you can e-mail us and request a total from seller.

But say if you want to go through and buy. That is the right postage amount. If you get lots and lots of items, just close it here and then e-mail us and request a shipping quote because once it goes over 20 kilos, the system in eBay cannot handle more than that so it will over quote postage, so we can always reduce that.

Okay, we’ll just do this again. We just want to go to the PayPal. You click here and you go to PayPal and pay. It just doesn’t refresh automatically all the time and you can see here, it’s going to PayPal. You can either log in with PayPal and pay here or if you don’t have a PayPal account, click here and that will go through and you can just pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. Just fill in all the details here and that will come through to us. Thanks for your time, have a great day. [5:01]

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