Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

New Product - Hypo Clean

HypoClean is a non-caustic, chlorine-based cleaner suitable for
removing grime, cobwebs and mould from outdoor surfaces.
HypoClean’s combination of surfactants and chlorine delivers
chemical cleaning power and mould killing capability that makes
it perfect for cleaning large outdoor structures, especially areas
that are difficult to access, without the need for manual scrubbing,
brushing or agitation.
HypoClean delivers a fast, efficient and cost effective clean result.
HypoClean’s double action formula breaks down the grime and
then kills any bacteria and mould.
The HypoClean Easy-3 application requires no scrubbing, agitation
or brushing:
1) Apply the diluted HypoClean solution
2) Leave on the surface for 5 minutes
3) Rinse off thoroughly

• Removes mould and general grime from
outdoor hard surfaces
• Is ideal for cleaning large outdoor structures
with restricted or poor access, such as wine
farm storage tanks and external cladding
• Is fast and efficient
• Requires minimal cleaning effort, and no
agitation, brushing or scrubbing
• Is non-caustic so will not corrode metal (if
application instructions are followed)
• Run-off will not kill plants or grass
• Is food-safe
• Is very cost effective
• Has a pH of 12.5 (undiluted)


Application Method

1. Dilute HypoClean at the rate 200ml per litre of clean water.Apply
diluted mixture to surface using a general-purpose sprayer, (e.g.
a garden sprayer or backpack sprayer). HypoClean will foam,
maximising contact time and efficiently penetrating mould and
breaking down grime. (Note: The sprayer must have plastic parts
as the chlorine in the HypoClean will corrode metal with prolonged
2. Leave diluted HypoClean on surface for 5 minutes. (Note: Leaving the
solution on the surface for an extended time may cause corrosion of
metal surfaces).
3. Wash off thoroughly with clean water using a hose connected to the
mains water or a high pressure washer.

NOTE As HypoClean is a chlorine-based product it should not be used in
situations where the run off will disharge into septic/aerated waste systems.

IMPORTANT Users should wear appropriate personal protection equipment to protect eyes and skin.

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