Ice Scoop, Perforated Scoop, Hawthorn Strainer Video Description

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription fot he video above

Ice Scoop, Perforated Scoop, Hawthorn Strainer Video Description

Here’s a short video describing some of our stainless steel bar equipment—the small utensils. So here we’ve got a little stainless steel ice scoop, very popular for bar people, cocktail makers, so that’s just for scooping ice and putting it into your drink. So it’s made here so you can scoop some ice like so and then just put it into your drink, into your glass so that’s a, that’s a part of the two piece cocktail shaker that we have.

And then you’ve got your perforated strainer. These are all stainless steel so you can put them in the dishwasher and get them nice and clean at the end of the night. You can see how that’s made—just a little handle there. Stainless steel handle with a hook, you can hang on it. All of them have got holes so you can hang them up if you need to. And then say if you’re pouring a drink into another container, you can just pour it over the strain, strain your ice or anything you need to strain out—any fruit pieces. That’s what that’s made for.

And then the Hawthorn strainer, so how these are made, you can see what that is there—it’s got this spring around the inside that is quite flexible and that’s made to just, you can either put it inside your glass like so, so if you’re pouring there, you can pour your cocktails out. It’s got a little, a little rim there—either way, any way you want to strain to strain, to get different ingredients out. It’s got a whole range of uses. These are really popular for—a must for any barman for making your cocktails.

These are great for commercial use, they’re made, they’re made to stand up to commercial use here. All these items being stainless steel, put it in the dishwasher but also good for home use if you want just a, a good range of utensils for making cocktails at home.

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