Jumbo Commercial Toilet Rolls and Dispensers Video Transcription

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Jumbo Commercial Toilet Rolls and Dispensers Video Transcription


Here’s a short video describing our range of jumbo commercial toilet rolls and dispensers. Now, I’m just going to go through and show you what each of these parts are so just watch this whole video and you’ll see, and I’ll describe everything in detail.

Now first, what we have here is this is a two ply jumbo toilet roll, roll. Now these are sold in a box of eight, which you can see in the background there. So this is the box that these come in so you can see there is eight rolls. They’re two ply. They’re 300 m per roll and eight rolls to a box. So this is the box that they do come in and that’s how they come stacked inside there.

Now the two ply is quite popular in restaurants, in shopping centers, or for body corporate where you want a nice, a good quality toilet paper but you want it in a bulk roll that’s dispense. So really popular with high end offices where pilfering can be, is an issue with standard toilet rolls and where you want a nice, bulky toilet paper that goes on the wall—that goes in a dispenser.

So I’ll recommend using the stainless steel dispenser like this so this is the stainless steel jumbo dispensers. These are quite hard to break into. They come with a key like so, which just goes in the center and you unlock it, and then it flips forward once it’s bolted on the wall and then you just change your toilet rolls there.

Now these are really popular because they are a nice, sturdy toilet roll dispenser. They’re hard to break into being all stainless steel so people don’t tend to break them as much and steal your toilet rolls. It helps keep your costs down and they really end up being quite economical by keeping your costs down using those dispensers because they stop breakages.

And then the next one here—this is the one ply. It’s got 650 m long and is only one ply so this is good for more economical areas where you do want to keep your costs down so shopping centers, body corporates where you don’t want something as expensive to supply your clients or customers and you want to keep the price down.

Not as nice a toilet paper, quite thin. The 300 m two ply is probably a better toilet paper, and I would prefer that one but if you do want to keep your costs down, these are the way to go here for shopping centers.

So, and then the other dispenser, these are the plastic dispenser. These are quite inexpensive. They’re a good way to, I’d recommend these if you’re clients are quite trustworthy and reliable. If people don’t tend to break things and you got a good quality client or customer in there, popular with offices because people in offices don’t tend to break things like they do with other ones so there’s really not an issue so you can use these dispensers if you want to keep your costs down.

Gyms, that sort of thing, they’re quite popular as well, and any shopping centers where you get a, a good quality client, but the shopping centers do prefer to go to the stainless because these plastic ones do break. So gyms, offices, so on, and restaurants as well, these are quite popular. We provide them.

And you can see the, yeah, it’s the other box there. The one ply, 650 m toilet rolls, how they come. They also come in a box with eight rolls in that box. That’s how they do come so there’s eight rolls. We only sell these by the box. And then I just forgot to show you the mounting screws and the key for the plastic dispenser. So both of these come with a key and then the plastic one comes with little mounting screws there.

Now to buy any of these—they’re all sold separately, each part, so just buy whichever part you do need.


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