Kitchen Paper Towel Video Transcription

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Kitchen Paper Towel Maven Supplies

Here’s a short video describing super absorbent, perforated kitchen paper towel. So you can see what they are. These are a paper towel. We sell them in bulk in a pack of 20 so in the background there you can see the pack. It’s got 20 total rolls, 20 rolls in total so what they, how they are, they come in a two pack like so and there’s ten of these two packs in a bulk pack.

So what we can see they’re—and you can see how they are, how they’re made right there. They’re made with an air pocket in between the layers there, that’s why they are so absorbent. They, they’re a two ply with this air pocket in between so they really suck up moisture. They’re a good quality absorbent paper towel.

And I’ll just take one out and show you exactly what it is. Now these are, these come on a roll like so and then they’re, each sheet is perforated there so you just pull off a perforated sheet like so that’s how they, how they come and they’re really nice and absorbent.

Now these are very popular for buying paper towel in bulk if you need them for any sort of food processing, commercial kitchen, restaurants, cafés, that sort of thing, wiping down the tables, also popular for holiday accommodation, body corporate, where they buy them to put around the barbeque areas for people to wipe down the barbeques—a nice, inexpensive, bulk paper towel for that or any sort of cleaning along those lines where you might need these in bulk, also popular in offices to put around the office kitchen, in large, large offices for people to use.


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