Knives, Carving Fork, Poultry Shears and Sharpening Steel Video Transcription

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Here’s a short video describing over range of knives here, our carving fork, poultry shears, and the carving steel that goes with it. You can see, I’ve displayed them on a magnetic knife rack. This is how you can buy it. You can buy these separately as well.

So what we’ve got here is the kitchen knife. I’m just going to use this to show you what all the knives are about. So that’s what you’ve got. You’ve got a nice, stainless steel blade there. The blade goes right the way through the handle. The black, polycarbonate handle—safe in the dishwasher. They’re riveted in with stainless steel. The stainless steel this blade is made from is a good quality stainless steel. It’s perfect for knives. It’s a good balance between protects against rust so it doesn’t rust. It does, it holds really good edge there—nice, hard stainless steel, it holds a good edge. It is magnetic and that is a good way to test if it is a good knife. If they are magnetic, they generally do hold a good edge and that’s what you’ve got there. And you can sharpen them quite easily with the sharpening steel so that’s the kitchen knife.

The kitchen’s a good, large chefs knife for most of your chefs, chopping that sort of thing, carving, cutting and carving—all that, you know, it’s a good all around knife. You’ll get one knife, that will be the one you want.

Then you’ve got a bread knife—a nice, long serrated blade. And you can see the nice serrations here, This stays sharp for a long time. This is great for, as a bread knife. Made the same way with the through handle in it, nice, long knife.

And this is a utility knife—just a good, all around knife. It’s a little bit smaller, nice, thin knife on it, light, and fine [1:33]. And then just a nice, little, short paring knife. This is a short—you can see how short the blade is compared to my hand. It’s just a good, little knife there.

The carving fork’s a really nice carving fork. It’s got a really nice, strong prong that don’t bend and it’s got nice, sharp points. You come in and you can carve with and the handle’s made the same way. They’re all the same steel, the same handle, good quality there.

And then this here’s the poultry shears. These are great. These cut really well. They cut right through bone. They’re nice, inexpensive set of poultry shears and they spring open—there, like that, and they got a nice little bit in there that you can get your bones, chicken bones in. You can see what they’re like, same material again. It’s got a clip at the back.

And then the sharpening steel that goes with it. See that there, a nice, medium coarseness so it’s good for your all around sharpening. It’s got a little hook at the back to hang it there with. Nice length, nice sharpening holder there so you can, when you hold it, you don’t cut your hands.

And this is how they all come packaged so say that’s the sharpening steel that comes in this nice, little, sealed blister pack, so if you were to give to a gift, for a gift for someone, they’re quite respectable a gift. That’s how they all come. I’ll show you a knife. So that’s what a knife comes like, just this nice, little sealed blister pack there. If you were to resell them, in resale, you can hang them on there.

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