Large Wine Glass and Champagne Flute by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Here’s a short video describing our Vina wine glass and Vina champagne flute. So these are a matching pair here which are from the Vina range and these are a nice, elegant, large wine glass and champagne flute. Very popular with higher end restaurants and bars who want very nice, elegant looking glass or glass and champagne flute but does want something that’s made to last and made for commercial use.

These are a very well priced glass, either of these are quite inexpensive for what they are. And they’re a nice, sturdy glass for commercial use and they’re made, you can put them in a dishwasher, commercial dishwasher and wash them like so. And for such a good shape, stylish glass, there, these really do last compared to a lot of other fine glassware that is out there.

And you can see the shape there. The champagne flute, both of them have a nice, big base. The champagne glasses has a, quite a large base compared to the top, which gives it quite a good look and also makes it so it is nice and sturdy on the table, doesn’t tend to top over. This will help reduce your breakages.

And then this is a nice, large wine glass, which can be used for red or white wine and they’re really, really good size here for someone who does want something along those lines. And then the dimensions are on each of the listings so you can see there’s the bottom diameter will be measured across here, the top diameter will be measured across there, the overall height from top to bottom, from there to there, and then the maximum width, which the widest part of the glass, which in this case is here. And then the champagne flute is actually the base, is the widest part there.

And you can see in the background the box there. This is how we do send them. We send these all over Australia, here, and they come boxed like this and each glass is separated within there so that they don’t hit together when they’re being transported. You can also use this for storage if you’re doing any sort of catering for functions. These are quite popular for catering, for high end weddings if you’re doing any sort of catering along those lines. Very popular there for either champagne and, and wine, red or white wine.

If either of these glasses do arrive broken, just take a photo, e-mail us, and we’ll either send a replacement or refund your money for the broken ones.


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