Latte Glasses Video Transcription by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Here’s a short video describing our handled latte glass. So you can see the shape of the glass here. It’s got that nice tapered design, a foot, and a short handle for drinking lattes. These are really popular with cafés and restaurants for serving their glasses, their lattes, because they handle the, the heat of hot coffee quite well. They’re, they’re not going to shatter when you do put hot liquids in there.

They are designed for that sort of thing and you can see the nice, stylish design, quite a nice, thick glass. You can see the thickness through the top here. This goes all the way down—nice sturdy glass and your lattes do look quite stylish in these. So they’re very popular for restaurants and cafés. These are an ideal glass for that sort of thing.

 And I’m just going to show you the box that they come in. So you can see the box here. This is a box of two dozen latte glasses here, and that’s how they do come in a package like so. I’m just going to show you a box there with, with the glasses inside it. So they’re stacked in there like so and you can see, we send these all around Australia like that and you can see they’re separated by cardboard here, each one, so they don’t bang together and chip in transit.

And we do guarantee these arrive in good condition. If they do arrive broken or damaged, just take a photo of the broken one, e-mail it, and we’ll either replace or refund the broken ones there. And you can see the actual dimensions are on the actual listing on the website so you’ll have the volume of the glass in here, this volume, you’ll have the overall height from top to bottom like so, the bottom diameter so the width across there, the top diameter, which is the line across there, and then the maximum diameter, which is the widest part of the glass.


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