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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our stylish, Elan tumblers by Libbey Glassware. So we’ve got our two sizes, the rocks, which is 266 mL, standard rock shape glass volume and also good as water glass for restaurants, cafés, somewhere who wants a nice, contemporary design, just that nice tapered, really smooth, stylish design there.

And then the tall, high bowl, which can be used for juice or other sort of drinks there as a tall glass, that holds 350 mL, the volume of that one. So these are both made out of good quality, heat treated glass, which handle thermal shock is the, what they call the “DuraTuff” here so, so that means they’re made for commercial use, being put in and out of dishwashers regularly, going from hot to cold. They really do handle that better than most other glasses that are out there on the market.

And for the price that they are, they are really good quality. They, they’re a great value because they’re made to last, good price, and a top quality glass. So you can see the box in the background here—how they’re sold. We well them per dozen. They come in a box like so and each glass is separated there like that so they arrive them safely and securely. If you need them for catering, you can keep these boxes for storage.

So they’re really popular for any sort of commercial use—catering, restaurants, cafés, hotels, service departments. They’re good for high volume use. If you’ve got a good serve department and you want to fit them out with a really nice quality, stylish glass, they’re really quite popular.

We send these all around Australia and they do arrive safely. If any do arrive broken, take a photo, e-mail it to us, and we will either refund or replace the broken ones.

And you’ll see the actual height is on each listing, on the website, so you can see the actual overall height, the diameter, the bottom diameter, the top diameter, and the volume of the glass, how much liquid it holds there. That is actually on the listing there so you can just read all those dimensions.

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