Magnetic Knife Holder Rack Video Transcription by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Here’s a short video describing our magnetic knife holder rack. There’s three sizes—33 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm, to long one. So whatever size you need, just pick it there. These are great for putting anything that’s magnetic so whether it’s knives, it could be other utensils, like a carving fork, you can put that there as long as it is magnetic. Any sort of tools, in a workshop—chisels, spanners, anything magnetic that’s not too heavy will stick to it.

I’m just going to pick it up and show you how the knives will stick to it. You can see there, I’ve got that vertical, upside-down. Those knives are stuck to there quite well. This is what you’re going to get—I’ll just take these knives off without cutting myself and show you what they are.

So when they come, they come with little, mount, two little mounting screws, two little wall plugs there so you can mount. The large, the large one has three because it’s got three holes. And you can see the holes in the end on the small one and there is another one on the other end. They’ve got two magnets there and then they’ve got metal that raises your knife off the magnet, so what it does, any knives are kept out in the air so they don’t rust. They dry out fully. The edge of the knife is kept flat so that they don’t get blunt like in a drawer. And on the back, this is what it looks like—it’s a plastic, nice, hard plastic and it’s all molded within there.

So that’s the 45 cm. You can see it’s got three mounting holes—one, two, three. And the 60 cm’s got the same one. They’re all made the same way.


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