Margarita and Poco Grande Glass Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Here’s a short video describing our two most popular cocktail or dessert glasses. So we’ve got the poco grande and then the margarita glass so both of these are staple glasses in bars and hotels where you serve cocktails for your various cocktails in there whether it be daiquiris or margaritas and any range of cocktails here. So you can use these and garnish whichever cocktail you like. These are the two most popular sizes as you can see and I’m just going to show you up close what they are.

So you can see the shape of thee poco grande glass. That’s got that nice hourglass shape. These are quite a popular glass for bars, for making cocktails, also restaurants and they can even be used for serving desserts if you got a restaurant and you want to serve desserts in there. These also can be used for that.d

And you can see how they are, these are a really good quality, commercial glass. Nice, sturdy glass that handles being put in a dishwasher, thick stem, which is nice and sturdy, not too tall so they’re not too top heavy and topple over. They are quite popular there.

And then the margarita glass, we’ll show you up close what that is. Yet again, a nice, stylish, little glass there and a good quality, commercial glass that’s made for high volume use, being put in and out of dishwashers, handling, going from cold to hot. These are a good quality, commercial glass, which is a really nice style and shape for any cocktails you might need.

And in the background there, we’re just going to show you the box that they do come in so that’s how they do come and if we have a look inside, they’re stacked here. We sell these per dozen, both of these, so you can see the poco grande stacked in there. Each one’s separated like so by cardboard so they don’t bang together. If any glasses do arrive broken, just take a photo, e-mail it to us, and then we’ll send either, we’ll send a replacement or refund the broken glass.

And on the listing it’ll show all the dimensions of each of the glasses on each of their listings on the website so you can see there’ll be the overall height from top to bottom, from there to there, the actual diameter across the base, that width, the diameter across the top, that, and then the maximum diameter so in this case, it’s the widest part of the glass, which is the bowl here. And in this case, of the margarita, it is the widest part across there.

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