Martini Glasses by Maven Supplies Video Transcription

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our two martini glasses—the small and large martini. And each of them are sold separately from the other one and we sell them in a box of one dozen each like so. So you can see the package that they come in. I’ll just show you how they come. We send these all around Australia in these boxes. They’re quite popular to be sent and we make sure that they do arrive nice and safely there.

So that’s what, how they are sent and depending on what size you need, there’s the two sizes, the two volumes, and I have all the dimensions, the volume, the height, the base diameter, the top diameter on each of the listings so you can see exactly which ones you do want to get there.

Very popular, we sell quite a lot of these to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, that sort of thing for cocktails and martinis. We also sell quite a lot to people, they’ll buy stacks of them for their wedding favors so this, usually the small one, they’ll buy them and they’ll fill them with candy and put them on the wedding favors or on the tables there, they’re very popular.

So very popular with any restaurant there—these are a pretty standard martini glass. Dishwasher safe, they’re a good quality glass. They handle going into a dishwasher and thermal shock to a degree. They go, they handle going from hot to cold. They’re not like a cheap glass. They are a good quality, commercial glass made for restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, high volume use where they’re being washed and use quite regularly.

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