Maven Supplies Product Video - Toilet Paper 400 Sheet 2 Ply

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our TruSoft and this is a 400 sheet, two ply toilet roll so you can see there, that’s the box that they do come in. True Soft’s the brand. They’re two ply, 400 sheets per roll. And this is how the rolls come so you can see again, it’s a recycled toilet tissue but this is still a good quality, white, bleached, and soft toilet tissue. Comes individually wrapped like so.

And they’re only sold in a carton and each carton has 48 rolls and that’s the carton in the background but I’ll just show you the roll up close. Now these are popular with motels, holiday accommodation where you want a 400 sheet toilet roll but you are price conscious and you do want to keep the price down a bit. So it is a nice, soft, white toilet paper. It is thin, being a recycled toilet tissue but it still is a fair quality and it present quite well with the embossed finish there as you can see, little flowers embossed into the toilet rolls. And still a nice, white toilet paper, soft, just is a little bit on the thing size but price wise, very economical.

Here so you can see how they do come when they’re—so any service departments, also popular with offices, that sort of thing, where you want to keep the price down but you still want something that’s fairly nice and soft. So something along those lines is where they’re used so motels, serviced apartments, resorts, and offices for the price conscious that want a 400 sheet.

And that’s how they do come in a pack like so, so there’s 48 rolls in a pack there and then if you ever do need a dispenser, these fit inside our stainless steel dispensers. So the stainless steel triple dispenser, which looks like that and they fit inside there so that fits three toilet rolls inside there and these are a good quality, sturdy, and lockable, stainless steel dispenser for toilet rolls. Come with a key like so and then lock those up and these are sold separately but you can, from what the toilet rolls are.

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