Microfibre Magic Sponge Eraser Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 




Here is a short video describing our white, microfiber eraser also known as a “Magic Sponge Eraser.” These are for general purpose cleaning. They’re a really popular, new item and they, you can see, they’re a large, white sponge made of a microfiber material. And how you use them is you wet them and you use them like an eraser for scrubbing off stubborn stains and you just rub it back and forth once they’re wet. These are a really popular item. Every cleaner should have one of these for getting stuff, tough stains off areas.

So they’re really popular with service departments, motels, and hotels for getting any scuff marks off floors or suitcase scuff marks on walls that are really hard to get off or stubborn stains. These are really popular for lots of scuff like that. Also popular in restaurants if you need to clean any, any furniture where there’s stubborn stains there.

So you just wet them and just rub it like an eraser. Just do test them on a small, inconspicuous area first if it’s on a polished surface because they are, they may damage some really polished surfaces. Just take the gloss off them so do test it first but they are quite a good product.

And you can see these are quite a large sponge. A lot of the other ones out there are, are around half the size and are around the same price you’ll buy. Now this is a large, commercial one for any sort of serious, commercial cleaning or for businesses that need something that’s a bit more economical. Now these are box—like you can see the box there, how they are, how they are bought, the little pack and they are sold in lots of six.

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