Milkshake and Dessert Glass Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is a short video describing our milkshake glasses. Now these are sold as a milkshake glass. They’re also very popular for desserts, parfaits, anything along those lines. You can even use them as a cocktail glass if it suits what you need but popular for milkshakes and juices in cafés and restaurants and then they also do double as a little dessert glass for ice teas or any sort of ice cream dishes there where you might serve up.

And I’m just going to show you up close, these are, you’ve probably seen these before. They are a very popular design. A lot of cafés and restaurants use these and they’re a nice thick, solid glass so good for children if they knock them over, they’re not going to tend to break quite that easily on the table and you can see a nice, big, wide foot that sits there. 

The actual dimensions are on it. They’re 355 mL volume—this part here but you can read the overall dimensions on the listing, so the height, the base width, the top width, and the actual volume. And these are a nice good, good, strong, a heat treated glass, and they’re safe for a dishwasher and microwaves so they really are made for a commercial use for high volume use, being put in and out of dishwashers and being used quite regularly.

You can see the box these dessert glasses come in. These are sold in a box of two dozen like so. And you can see how each glass is stacked inside there and they’re just separated by cardboard, like so, between each one. We send these all around Australia, it’s quite popular.

To send them, we just make sure they’re wrapped up, put them in, put this box inside another box and make sure they’re sent nice and securely and they arrive in one piece. If they do break, we will either replace or refund the broken ones so rest assured that we do look after our deliveries with those.

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