Mop Heads and Handle Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing range of cleaners mop heads for commercial use. So you can see there’s four mop heads here and they range in size from 300, 400, 450, and 600 g and they’ve got different materials depending on your different uses and I’ll just talk you through what each of them are.

Now this one here is the 300 g mop. It’s an industrial strength, multipurpose mop, 100% cotton yarn, highly absorbent, and ideal for scrubbing or stubborn work. And they come in a pack like so. And we’ll just take them out and that’s how they come. They come with a threaded insert here for using on our plastic poles, our aluminum, plastic head poles, or they come with this so you just, you can put them on a wooden pole, and then screw it on like so.

The 300 g is popular for really small areas. It’s quite, the lightest mop, popular for ladies who want a nice, light mop that’s not too heavy. The cleaners, along those lines—so good for small areas, general purpose cleaning, just a white contracted [00:58] mop, quite an inexpensive mop.

And then we step up here to the 400 g mop. Now this one’s a 400 g, industrial strength, general purpose mop. This is also, the blue one here, the Duraclean one, is quite popular for a bit rougher surfaces, it handles it. Again, it’s got the thread there for screwing on to the aluminum poles and then the insert if you need to put it on the end of a broomstick, a wooden broomstick, and then screw it on like so. So these are popular, all around sort of cleaning, so they’re good from rough through smooth surfaces. A good all around size—the 400 g’s popular. It’s large enough so it cleans well but small enough so it’s not too heavy when it’s full of liquid for ladies to use. So that’s how they do come. These are all sold separately.

And then the poly-cotton mop in a 450 g, here, these are ideal for applying sealant. They’re polyester and cotton. They’ve got a finer yarn in them, there. They’re lint for, suitable for rough surfaces, and again, it’s got the same sort of head there that screws into the poles and I’ll just show you how it screws in and it’s got the separate insert.

So we’ll just show a pole, our aluminum pole here and you can see the aluminum pole. That’s a full sized handle there. These are the ideal ones for contractors. They’re nice and sturdy, quite light, and they’re a good quality, hygienic mop. And you can see the thread just screws in there like so, really quick and easy to change heads as you need to. And also you can change from one head to another if you’re doing different surfaces or got a different mop head. And you can see how that fits on there, so these poles are sold separately and you can see the pole there—the aluminum pole.

And I’ll show you the other end of the pole if you do need to buy these poles. I can’t quite fit them into my little photo booth but you’ll see what it is there. The dimensions are on it—the length and diameter and then they’ve got the head, the little hook inside like so, the hole for hanging, if you need to hang them up, the handle on there.

And then the largest mop here, which is 600 g. Again, it’s a polyester and cotton mix, quality yarn for fine seals and polish, a nice, large mop head. So these are the biggest ones we have. So these do get a bit heavy when they’re being used. Some ladies might find them heavy, good for really large areas if you’ve got to apply polish or even just for mopping large areas. They’re suitable for rough surfaces and smooth surfaces—a good all around mop there. High lint resistance, these are a good quality, commercial mop if you need a nice, large mop that’s nice and quick and easy to use.

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