Mortar and Pestle Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing the granite mortar and pestle. These are great for grinding up pepper, salt, any herbs and spices inside to, to a fine powder or even to a coarse. You can control the—how fine everything is a lot better with a hand mortar and pestle a lot better than with one of the electronic grinders, so if you want something that’s quite coarse, you just don’t grind it as much. If you want it softer, if you want it quite, quite fine, you just keep grinding it until it’s a very fine powder. Great for crushing up herbs, spices even, fresh things when you’re making garnishes—anything along those lines.

You can see here the pestle—how it’s made. It is, overall length, 17.5 cm. The maximum diameter there is 5.5 cm and the minimum diameter is around 3 cm. Now the mortar is 17 cm diameter and then the overall height is around 11 ½ cm. These are a top quality grain granite, which is an extremely hard stone, so it won’t wear away, built to last for many years—for commercial or domestic use.

They’re great around the home. They’re also great for any restaurant. If the restaurant needs a mortar and pestle, these are an ideal size. They’re the most popular size that’s sold and they come in a box, if you want them. This is the box that they do come in. You can see here. That’s how it comes packaged. Quite a plain box but they come nice and safely.

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