Napkin Dispenser and Napkin Dispenser Refills Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our stainless steel napkin dispenser, as you can see here and the napkins that go with the dispenser napkins. So first I’m going to show you the dispenser. So what the dispenser is, fully stainless steel, nice, polished stainless steel. These look great on any table. The stainless steel’s very popular because it fits a white, white background, black background, or any sort of theme in your restaurant.

And then this plate here spring loads. You can see how it springs right in so you can load it all from either side so it’s made to do, to go from both sides there. And underneath it’s got four, little rubber feet so it doesn’t scratch your table. You can see how they stand on the table—the height of them there. These are the main ones that people use. This is a default so it’s got a vertical profile. These are very popular.

And I’m just going to show you how to put the napkins in. So this is how the napkin dispenser refills come. You buy them in a, they come separately in packs of 250 and then they come in a large box, which is sold separately from the dispenser. So you can see the large box has 5,000 napkins in it, so you can see there—5,000—so that’s how they come and each individual pack so you can just, so you can just run around with your packs and fill them up.

So here you want to display, have them, you can see how it’s got a little lip there, that’s how—see that piece there—then they’re just stacked in here like so, so you just push them, push them in to load it up. Like that, push, push it right in and then just let it spring back out and then as someone wants to get it, they just grab that piece of the napkin, pull it out—you got your napkin there and then the next one’s displayed all nice and neatly so it’s all quite hygienic.

These are very popular. You can either put them on your table or on your counter. You know your napkins aren’t going to blow away. They’re great for outdoor use for restaurants. Inside restaurants, they look very nice with the stainless steel finish there, a very popular item for organizing, keeping everything nice and neat and tidy.


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