Ordering Hospitality Supplies Video

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 


Ordering Hospitality Supplies Video

Here’s a short video that’s going to show you how to use and order off the Maven Supplies website at http://mavensupplies.com.au. Now you can see on the left here, there’s a range of categories and they have drop down categories, just follow which one you wish to browse through and you can go in and see the products.

So saw we’ve got cleaning chemicals for the kitchen, just click on that and it’ll go to the page, and then look for what you need. If you’re looking for something in particular, say up here in the top left, you’re looking for “Lemongrass disinfectant,” even if you just do “Lemon disinfectant,” it’ll pick it up, what you’re looking for and we can go here. “Lemon detergent, lemon myrtle,” or we can just click “Search” to show a whole list of products.

So that’ll show the whole range there of lemon products—okay, now say you want to add one of these products to your order, “Lemon detergent,” just click on that. And then the quantity you want, say you want “5,” click “Add to Cart” and then that will add it to your shopping cart as you go, you don’t have to be logged in here to do this. You can just do it as you go and that if now updating and adding that to your shopping cart.

You can see it says up here, “Loading…Please Wait…” as it adds it and then “Continue Shopping.” Now to check out, you can keep adding products. This will show you similar products and you can keep browsing and adding products. If you want to, you just click “Vide or Edit Your Cart” here and then you can work out how much shipping will cost at this stage.

And that’ll go through and show this page here so it’ll show what you’ve ordered, the quantity, the item price, the total, and then you can click, “Estimate Shipping and Tax” here so you just put in your postcode or your state, so whatever your state is, and then your postcode—say if that’s Queensland, that’s 4000, which is in Brisbane, and you just click “Estimate Shipping and Tax.” That will go and then to go to the next step you just click, “Proceed to Checkout.”

And that will take you into the next step. If you’re already setup an account with all your postage details, that will be here, otherwise you can register an account here so that way it will keep all your details and this is what you’ll have to do to order and you can just click “Continue” there.

Just fill in your, all your details here as you need so your business name, your e-mail address, the delivery details, and anything else you need and save that. I’m just going to go back a step there because I’ve already set one up and we’re going to “Proceed to Checkout” and log in here and I’m going to show you what will happen when you put an order through.

Click “Continue,” so that’s our delivery address that we’ve all setup, so you just ship to this address. If you want to send to some other address, you can click that and then click “Bill and Ship” to this address and then, this has gotten over the freight freedom of our area, this various for area to area. Locally it’s $100, once you start to go out that area it starts to go up, $200, $300, $400 if you’re in WA, the freight freedom will be $700 for Perth Metro area, so I just click “Free Shipping” if the option’s there. If it’s not an option, that won’t be there and then you’ll just pick “Calculated Freight.”

So we’ll just click that, click continue, and that will then go to the next step where you can check it. If you have a coupon for a discount, you can put that in there. We run the occasional promotion, not many, but if you have a coupon, you can put it in there and you will get a discount there. Click “I’d like to receive your newsletter” here and then proceed to payment.

Okay, now you can pick your payment field. If you’ve setup a account with us—where you can pay on an end of month account, you, you will know that, you can click on that one or you can click on “Credit Card” or “Paypal.” Other than that if you want to do a bank deposit, you can click that here as well and then you can click “Credit Card and Paypal.” In this case, this is to pay with credit card.

“Proceed to Checkout” and then you’ll be redirected to our payment page, which is by Paypal, which is a safe and secure website. Now if you don’t have a Paypal account—just click here, “Don’t have a PayPal account” and then that way you can put through all your bank details, credit card details in there. Then that will go through the whole process and place an order. I’m not going to put it in because I don’t want my credit card details there. But thanks for visiting us and we will hope to hear from you soon. [4:50]

This Video and transcription are Maven Supplies, Australian distributor of Hotel Supplies and Hospitality Supplies.

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