Aluminum Saucepans

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is the Transcription for the Video at the bottom of the page.


[Begin “Aluminum Saucepan Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing the aluminum tapered saucepans so we’ve got two sizes here, which we sell—the 3.5 L and then the 7 L. These are the two most popular sizes for restaurants, for most chefs. You get these two sizes, that will cover most of the cooking you will need.

Aluminium Saucepan Pot 3L

Aluminium Saucepan Pot 7L

So you can see they’re machined aluminum, machined underneath, and then inside you can see what they are. You can see the tapered design, how they taper down. And then these are riveted here. There’s one, two, three rivets and these are nice, strong rivets. It’s a fully cast handle and you can see the hole there for hanging, which is quite popular in kitchens. It lets them dry out. It’s nice and hygienic and it’s organized with any little, metal hooks you have.

These are great for any kind of cooking where you need a saucepan—an aluminum saucepan. The sides, it’s got 4 mL sides. You can see the thickness there. The aluminum transfers heat really quickly and evenly, so when you heat up underneath here with aluminum, the heat transfers right up and all around so it does cook up nice and evenly. That’s one of the great benefits of aluminum and it is quite inexpensive to use. So you can see the two sizes there. All in all, they’re both made the same way.

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