Aluminum Stockpots

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Aluminum Stockpots​

This is the Transcription for the Video at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a short video describing our aluminum stockpots. So I’m just going to show you what they are here. We’ve got two here. This one’s the 24 L. If you want a nice, large stockpot—32—they are other sizes available. I have a 40 L, but this is the one that I’m showing you now because they fit in our photo booth.


And I’m just going to show you what they are. So this one here is 24 L and you can see the lid. It’s got a nice, little recess there that drops down a bit over a centimeter and you can see the rim goes all the way around and it fits nice and neatly on top there. And gives it a really good seal so you can see she’s fit there nice and securely there on top of that. Stops any heat just allows it to hook, cook and boil evenly if you’re cooking things.


So you can see the handle’s just got a flat aluminum handle there. You can fit your hand in there and it’s got rivets through—like so. And same as the actual stockpot so the stockpot’s got rivets through the actual handle, so if it’s full of liquid and you have to lift it, it’s going to support it. So the handle’s not going to come off there.


The actual stockpot’s 4 mL thick. You can see the thickness there, that wall, all the way down around the base. It’s all one piece—machined. The 4 mL thick aluminum, aluminum transfers heat really well so as it’s heated—up on the base here—the heat transfers right up around and all around the whole, all over the stockpot there. That’s the beauty of aluminum and it is the same thickness all the way through walls and floor.


So it’s a fully machined, you can see what the base looks like there. Just a nice, flat base and you can see how fully flat it is there and then inside, just a machined inside there. Now these fit inside each other if you do need these for double boiling. So if you’re making cheeses, something like that, you can use it as a double boiler. So you just put it and it slides down, so if you buy the 24 and 32, they’ll fit inside each other like that. They’ll sit on the handles there and then you put the liquid in the bottom one to boil that and then that’ll just heat the, the top one really nice and slowly. So if you need to cook something with really low heat, that’s what they’re great for.


These are great for any sort of, cooking curries, if you need a really large stockpot for a really big family casseroles, cooking lobsters, crustaceans, that sort of thing, anything you do need a large stockpot for. They all do come with their own lid. That is how they are sold and they come in a box like so. Just a plain, cardboard box—nice, square, solid box if you do need it for a gift, that presents quite well for someone. These are great for commercial, domestic use. They’re great for restaurants, cafés, for any sort of catering, domestic use—anything like that, for school, any large chance where you need to cook for a big amount of people.


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Aluminium Stockpots


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