Bain Marie and Gastronorm Pans

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Bain Marie and Gastronorm Pans Video Transcription

This is the Transcription from the Video at the Bottom of the page.

Here’s a short video describing our range gastronorm, anti-jam, or bain-marie pans so I’ll show you what these are. So we’ve just got the three size displayed here. So this is the ⅓ size here on top, then the ½ size underneath, and then the 1/1 or the full size, so they’re a full size to fit into one space of a bain-marie.

And then the ⅓ as you can see, I’ll show you here, you can fit three ⅓’s in one, one full. So if you’ve got one space, you put three ⅓’s across there and you can put one, two ½’s so depends on what you need to do. You put two ½’s like there, like that across the bain-marie so depending on how many different dishes or you need to dispense.

So these are good quality stainless steel. They’re dishwasher safe. You can heat them up. They can handle the heat. They’re also used for the, for the chafers, the fuel chafers where they heat underneath here in a, in a little bracket. And then the lids and the bases are all sold separately so if you only need the bases, you can buy just bases. If you only need lids, just buy lids, or you buy them both separately.

Now these are designed quite well and you can—they’ve got a tapered side here. This piece here’s slightly tapered so when they go inside the bain-marie, they don’t jam in. They’re nice and easy to get out. It’s a bit of a flaw in other ones that are made out there. They, they can jam right in there and they’re a real pain to get out.

And you can see how they’re made. They just sit down inside, sit flat there inside the, there and when you need to take them out and you can clean them or fill them up again. And they’re made so if you get the lid, you can stack a whole heap of these quite high on top of each other so you just keep stacking them up nice and high on top there with the lids.

So if you’re catering or if you have to move a lot of food around or put them in the cold room, you can just make dishes and keep stacking them up like so, going up and up and it doesn’t take up much space. And it keeps all your food nice and well once it’s all prepared, nice and safe and hygienic with the lid on there. The lids fit quite neatly.

So these are very popular with any sort of commercial kitchen, restaurants, cafés, any sandwich bars, if you’ve got a bain-marie, you need to keep separate all your ingredients like lettuce, tomato, meats and so on and you can just put the lids on there and as you’re preparing your sandwiches, you just take it off. Also popular for bistros where people self service. They put these out in the, in the bain-maries or the service areas and you can just either put them lids on or lids off.

So to buy any of these, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send it out to you. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [2:52]

Bain Marie Trays / Gastronorm Pan Third x 100mm

Bain Marie Trays / Gastronorm Pan Half x 65mm

Bain Marie Trays / Gastronorm Pan Full x 65mm

Bain Marie Tray Lid Third Size

Bain Marie Tray Lid Half Size

Bain Marie Tray Lid Full Size

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