Bar Organizer / Condiment Dispenser

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the video above.

[Begin “Condiment Dispenser Maven Supplies”]

Here’s a short video describing our five compartment dispenser. So you can see how it’s made here. These are great as, these are made mainly for bar areas, for commercial bars but they can be used as any sort of divider or condiment dispenser if you need to divide something small. So they’re made for putting, say, your fruit and maybe bits and pieces in there—fruit and condiments, you can even put cocktail parasols, that sort of thing in there.

And we’ll just show you, it’s got a nice, little, clear acrylic top, which flips up and each of these compartments are all separate and these can be taken out. So they are made, the reason they’re made like that so as you can take them out and clean them so these are good quality plastic and you can put that in the dishwasher and wipe it out. It’s just got a nice, little shape there and you can see the size of it compared to my hand.

And the stainless steel—I’ll just show you up close how it’s made so it’s hinged on the back here. It’s got a stainless steel runner, acrylic lid, and you can see the acrylic lid is seated in there, in the stainless steel. It hinges like so through a pin, which is nice and neat. This is all stainless, nice and easy to keep clean.

You can see down underneath there. It’s got an open bottom and that’s how it’s made to sit on a bar nice and neatly there. These bar organizer are quite popular with bars, very, very stylish with the stainless steel. You can also use them for home use or any, any sort of restaurant if you need any sort of condiment, doesn’t need to be bar areas. You can use it for any area where you need to separate condiments—even in serving areas, in bistros, and that sort of thing.

So to buy this, just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button on the page, fill in your details, put your payment through, and we’ll send it out to you. Thanks for visiting the Maven Hospitality Supplies online store. [1:37]


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