Black Iron Frypans

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is the Transcription for the Video above.


[Begin “Black Iron Frypans”]

Here’s a short video describing the two black iron fry pans which we have. We have two sizes. They’re both made the same, so this one’s here the 23 cm, which is very popular in the kitchen as a small, sauté pan for quickly frying up. And then the larger 35 cm, here, and the 35 cm comes with an extra handle on the other side so you can support it from both sides there—both riveted in there and this other end here, is riveted in.

Metal handle, both have got the same metal handle there—nice, long metal handle on this one. And as you can see, now, these are a proper black iron fry pan so if you don’t know what a black iron fry pans are, they’re extremely good when looked after properly. Got to keep the oil up to them and you have to season them first so there’s instructions come with them on how to season them on this little paper here.

This comes with all of them. Just have to treat them with oil, heat them up to impregnate the oil in the pan and then just keep the oil up the whole time. You cannot use these in dishwashers otherwise it will take all the oil out and they will tend to rust afterwards. But when oil is kept up to them, these are extremely nonstick. They’re really good so nothing sticks to them but you just have to keep the oil up to, the oil up to them there.

These are preferred by professional for two reasons, because they don’t stick when you keep the oil up to them. You’ve just got to give them a wipe down and also because they are very inexpensive. They’re quite, quite good, so if you need quite a lot of these in a restaurant, you know—10 or 20 of them—it’s not too expensive to stock up with these. And they do work very well, make cooking a breeze.

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