Paper Towels and Dispensers Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of paper towels and the dispensers to match. So I’m going to show you the three types that we sell. Now there’s three here—the first one is the compact. Now that’s the small one and you can see, it’s got one, two, three, four creases in the paper towel so this is the way that you’re going to tell your paper towels.

Compacts have four creases and they’re a narrower paper towel. The width is just over 20 cm wide and the paper, paper towel is 25 cm long so you go off the width and the amount of creases in it—so one, two, three, four creases, 20 cm is the compact towel.

The ultra slim towel, this here, this one here, now it’s got one, two , three, four creases also but it has, it’s a little bit wider so it is 24 cm wide, so you look at the width, it’s 24 cm and it’s about the same length as well overall. It’s 23 cm long so the ultra slim, so 24 cm wide—one, two, three, four creases.

And then the slim line so these all fit different paper towel dispensers. Some dispensers fit both but the best way to tell so you can match up. Now the slim line has got two creases—one, two creases. They’re the same height, the same size as the slim line so width is 22 cm wide and then overall length is about the same, so 24 cm overall length and then just look for—one, two creases and that’s the slim line.

So you’ve got to see what you’ve got there and this is how they come. They come in boxes in the background like you can see and inside each both there is small packs like so, so these packs are nice and convenient for cleaners to walk around. These are popular with service departments, body corporates, restaurants, cafés, clubs, because they just take a couple of these packs when they’re doing their round for, for fill them all up. So that’s how all the packs come, separately.

And then the dispensers are like this. Now the stainless steel dispenser, this is really nice, stylish, stainless steel. These are only for the ultra slim towel. That’s all that fits in here—the ultra slim. So you open them up, they’re lockable. They’re really nice and strong and secure. You can lock them up. They’re resistant to getting bashed around and knocked around and you put your paper towel and you take it out of that sleeve first so take that sleeve out, put your paper towel in. they come with mounting screws like so, so there’s four mounting screws there and they’ve got the four holes in the back—mount it on the wall.

So put that in, take it out of the sleeve, and then you just close it up like so and you can see how they sit in there and then you just pull them out of the bottom and then you can see as they’re full, they’re like so and you just top them off—a real nice strong, stylish, and sturdy stainless steel dispenser. Really popular if you want something stylish or also if you want something that’s preventative to getting knocked around and bashed and smashed off the wall by people as can sometimes happen.

Now the plastic one’s a nice, inexpensive one. This one here actually fits all the types of paper towels in it whether it’s compact, ultra slim, or slim line. It comes with a key like so, you just open it up, two little prongs, push it in, open that, and then you just, it comes, there, with more mounting screws so you just mount it on the back like so with the mounting screws and then they all fit in this and it’s just got this insert so the compact and the ultra slim fit in there straightaway and then slim line—the bigger one—you just have to take this insert out.

It’s just got some little welds there. You just have to snap the welds and pull this little insert out and it fits all of them. These are really a popular dispenser because they are so inexpensive, popular with offices, apartments, that sort of thing, where, where you want something that’s economical, inexpensive, very popular with any sort of offices as well, workshops, mechanics, where you have a lot of workers, we’re there not going to, where people do look after it. They’re not going to get smashed off the wall—being plastic, they can get broken but where people will look after them, you want something inexpensive, white, and stylish, matches any décor. They’re the go there.

And I’m just going to show you how the boxes come. So each of the boxes, the compact looks like so. There’s 1,760 sheets in a box there so you know your value for money compared to, with, to what you’re currently getting. And then the ultraslim paper towel, so they come in a box like so and they have 2,400 sheets per carton so we only do sell these by the box, we don’t sell these by individual sleeves and those individual sleeves, we sell them by the box.

And then the slim line, like so, so you can see how the sleeves come packed inside there, like that and then the slim line, they have 3,000 sheets per carton so there’s 3,000, you can see that there and these are all a really nice, white, white and soft paper towel. It’s all the same sort of paper in all of them so it’s really nice, soft, white, good quality paper towel. They are single ply but they’re a great single ply, great for washing your hands.


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