Pepper Grinder Mill Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our timber pepper mill. Now this is a quality, dark pepper mill. These are very popular as the pepper mill that you use in restaurants and cafés for serving up pepper like so. Would you like pepper, sir? There you go. That’s what you need.

So this is a quality pepper grinder. It’s got the stainless steel bit in there, pepper, which is for pepper. These aren’t to be used for salt because the salt will corrode the stainless steel. You need a ceramic one for salt shakers. And then inside, you can see, just unscrew the end there, like so, holds quite a lot of pepper so for high volume use in restaurants. It does hold quite a lot of pepper corns inside there so you can see that there is hollow, all the way down like so.

So these are great. If you want a large pepper mill for a restaurant, for serving up some pepper that looks quite respectable if, for your customers or also for home use if you go through a lot of pepper or if you just do want a stylish pepper shaker. They do come in a white box like so. That is how they are sold, individually there. That’s what you’ll be getting it in.


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