Pizza Peels Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing the two pizza peels which we have for sale. So there’s the small stainless steel pizza peel—as you can see. It’s fully stainless steel, got a stainless steel handle. You can see how that’s made. It’s fully stainless so they are nice and hygienic. These are great, they’re, you can put them in a dishwasher, you can fit them in there, and you can see how they’re attached there.

They’re welded on, clamped, and then welded on there and then the stainless steel head—that’s about 20 cm across, the actual size is on the listing there, fully round, nice and polished, really easy to keep clean, good quality stainless, yeah, really good for small to medium pizzas. So you can just slide underneath the pizza tray and yeah, so you can just slide it underneath. So there’s a pizza tray there, so you need to get it out of the oven, slide it under like so and you can lift your pizza tray up like that.

It’s good to support it with the pizza pan grippers as well when you’re getting them out. So you can take, need to drag it out of an oven and support it like so. They’re great for that.

And then the large pizza peel—we’ll show you what that is. That’s great for medium to big pizzas. That’s got a wooden handle, so the wooden handle’s good because it doesn’t ever get hot. It stays nice and cool. That’s got an aluminum head, a very large aluminum head, it’s great for big pizzas there. You can see how it’s riveted on there—four rivets, clamped down, riveted on, both sides and then that’s just clamped onto the timber.

If you need to get your pizza out, same thing, you just slide underneath like so and you can support these quite easily. You can also use the pizza pan gripper, like I said, to make sure she doesn’t slide off your pizza.

These are great for, these are good for commercial use—both of these. You can use them in a commercial pizza restaurant, anything like that, for large pizzas or wood fire pizzas. They’re also good for home use if you’ve got, say a wood fire pizza oven at home, these are perfect for what you need to do.


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