Pizza Tray Rack Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our bench top pizza tray rack. So you can see the rack here, it’s a fully chrome plated rack and it’s for stacking pizza trays. So this is made for making, once you’ve made your pizzas and they’re not yet cooked, this is what this is generally used for. Put your pizza trays in there and stacking them up so they’re nice and clear, ready to be put into the pizza oven.

So you can see here this is our largest one, the 16 in tray. You can see I’ve grabbed it with the pizza pan grippers and you can just slide that in there—put it on whichever way you want and they just sit there quite nicely. And then the smaller one, they’re also, it fits all our size pizza trays, so this the 8 in, which is the smallest one so I’m just showing you the smallest and the largest, how they do fit and you just stack that in there like so.

So they’re all, you can stack up to 18 pizzas on top of your bench in that space so there’s a lot of room there and they’re all ready to go in the oven as you need to. You can even queue them up as they need to be ready, is what they’re generally designed for.

I’m just going to show you up close how they’re made. They’re fully, fully steel and they’re chrome plated, nice and hygienic. They look good in any sort of kitchen there, quite stylish. And up close, so you’ve got a fully, a rectangular base, you can see that rectangular base there. That’s the shape and then it’s got these uprights, metal upright.

And then these are welded, every piece there is welded like so, so you can see the welds there, they’re a good quality welds there, held in place. So it’s got two supports here for each layer, which holds it all nice and securely and spreads it apart so the toppings won’t get damaged or knocked off there.


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