Plastic Measuring Jugs Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing the range of plastic measuring jugs. These are great for measuring any sort of liquids or even solids if you need to measure the volume of them—any sort of use, whether it’s food or, or not food. It could be oil or if could be for some sort of testing or anything like that, a promotion, these are popular [0:19].

So these come in four sizes. The 5 L is the large measuring jug, a 3 L, a 2 L, and a 1 L’s the smallest and I’m just going to show you what the increments are. So they come with blue markings on one side and clear markings on the other. They’ve only got either L or mL. There is no cup measurement on them. And you can see how they’re made. Underneath, they’ve got a nice, flat base and just a bit of a rim around there. The handle—a nice strong handle, fully formed. A nice pouring spout, you can see how that comes, there. And the 1 L one, the increments—here—these go up 20 mL increments. So each little line is 20 mL.

This is the 2 L and then each increment, you can go up to 25 mL. You can use this to be accurate, too. The 3 L, here, also 25 mL. You can go up in increments. And then the 5 L, over here—the largest one—you can see it goes up to, by 100 mL increments so these are a nice set if you need a whole range because they do stack nicely inside each other. You just reverse each one like that—there, and there.

If you’re getting a whole stack the same size, you can stack two or three inside each other but they don’t stack very neatly because these handles—they do stack but not very well because of that.

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