Plate Round 230mm and 255mm Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

Hi there, this is a short video describing the round dinner plate. It’s either a 23 cm or a 25 cm. We’re showing you here the 23 cm. You see overall diameter is 23 cm. The 25 cm is the same. It is 25 cm overall.

You can see how it looks here. You can see the ridge pattern here. It’s got a nice, double ridge. They come with a fully vitrified, high gloss finish which is ideal for restaurants, cafés, hotels, motels, commercial use. It’s built to last. The brand is Cavalier. You can see there, it’s a vitrified porcelain.

These are great as an entrée plate, a small serving plate for cakes—the 23 cm. The 25 cm is ideal for, as a dinner plate, for hotels, and you can see how they’re packaged here. They come inside—this here is a box of 24 and inside the box, there is four smaller cartons, each with six plates. So you can see how they’re packaged. Each plate is separated like so with cardboard in between.

And we ensure that these arrive safely by packaging them well, and we guarantee against breakages with all of our crockery that we send.


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