Porcelain Teapots Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 



Here is a short video describing our two porcelain tea cups. So they come in two sizes just in your white porcelain. There’s the 500 mL here and the 800 mL depending on what you need. So the 500 mL’s (2 cup teapot)  popular for cafés and restaurants and clubs, clubs and that where they are serving a single serve of tea for one person. So you just get two, two cups of tea out of this.

And then the 800 mL’s (large teapot) for three, three, just a bit over three cups of tea so if you’re serving for two people you get a full cup and then a part cup each. So these are quite popular, these, with cafés. They’re also a very popular because they are stackable and I’ll—this is how they do come in the package here. If you buy them in bulk, they do come like that as we do sell a lot in bulk to other cafés.

So you can stack them on top of each other for storage, also popular if you need to, for room service and resorts if you’re doing, doing room service, you need to go and collect a whole heap of them on the trolley, you’ll know that they can stack on top of each other to save room as you’re collecting them all.

And I’ll just show you up close what they, what each of them are. So they come, each of them come with a lid like so, just got a small breather hole in the top there to let a bit of the condensation out, just a recessed lid, fit downs in side. Just a nice, glossy porcelain finish, these are very popular with, with any sort of resorts, cafes.

They’ve also got a strainer on the inside there. They’re popular for bag teas. If you’re using a loose leaf tea, you’re probably best using a tea ball inside this because that won’t quite filter it enough for what you need.


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