Product Video on Tongs by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of quality tongs for commercial or domestic use. These are great for either home use around any sort of cooking around the home where you need a tong or very popular with, for commercial kitchens, is what they are made for, in restaurants, cafés, for any sort of catering resorts, or any high volume use. They will stand up to either home or high volume commercial use.

I’m just going to show you the three of them. They’re all stainless steel tongs. Now this here’s a short one. You can see that’s the shortest one there with the, that is the 3005 is the code—T3005. You can see the design. It doesn’t come with a clip. It comes open like that so it can be used at any time. A good quality, heavy duty, stainless steel, this is the spring here and you can see how it’s made. Good quality stainless steel.

Now these are a larger tong with the black rubberized handle, which is heat resistant. Any of these can go in the dishwasher. These are great because they absorb a bit of heat. These are more for commercial use as well. Nice, big, heavy duty tong there—quite a long, long piece as you can see. Same sort of design, nice and heavy in the ends there so it doesn’t bend, you can really grab your food if you need to, you can put a fair bit of force into that, like so. And then they’ll hang, if you need to hang them, they’ll just hang on the ends there—like that—over a bar.

And then these ones, here, same thing. These ones here are quite popular for domestic use. They’ve got the rubberized insert in hear and then they’re a nice, stylish, stainless steel design, nice on the outside, quite thick in the ends, too, so they don’t bend. You can see how they come together well. It’s got the clip there at the end to keep them shut if you need to keep them in a drawer—just squeeze it, push the clip in and then they’ll open. So that’s how much they’ll open. They’ve got a spring up the inside there, a good quality, stainless steel spring. You can see that in there.

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