Product Video on Whisks by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing two whisks, which we sell here at Maven Supplies. So you can see we’ve got the small whisk here with the stainless steel handle. These are very nice in size with the stainless steel. They’re good quality stainless steel, which are dishwasher safe. They’ve got a hook for hanging there or they fit quite well in the drawer. And you can see how they’re made here with good quality stainless steel wires. It’s nice and easy to clean the whisk—being stainless steel, well formed, and they’re made to whisk, to whisk quite well as you use them like so.

And you can see, I’ll just show you in the end here, it’s a bit hard to see with the video but they’re fully sealed in there. The handle’s fully sealed and they’re nice, neat sealing which is all soldered in so as you don’t get food or things, particles, trapped up inside there. I know it’s hard to see there with the close up but the idea of it is that it’s nice and sealed and well made.

And then the plastic handle ones. These are more so for, quite popular for commercial use, a little bit longer. Nice plastic handle, a little bit lighter there, made for a lot of use—same thing, dishwasher safe with the polycarbonate handle and very well made, well sealed here in the ends. The, the whisk wire is a perfect size and it just fits inside here, inside the plastic here. Little bit longer, same thing, a few, a few less wires so that they’re a little bit easier to clean but good whisking action.

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